Eingebrecht Van Haarlem b. 1384 - Индекс потомака

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11/1 <?> Eingebrecht Van Haarlem [Haarlem]
Рођење: 1384, Haarlem, Netherlands


21/2 <1+?> Jacob Van Haarlem [Haarlem]
Рођење: 1414
Смрт: 1505


31/3 <2+?> Dirk Jacobsze (Van Haarlem) [Haarlem]
Рођење: 1444, Haarlem, Netherlands


41/4 <3> Jan Dirksz (Van Haarlem) [Haarlem]
Рођење: 1476, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Смрт: 1569, Utrecht, Netherlands


51/5 <4+?> Gysbert van Haarlem [Haarlem]
Рођење: 1508, Gembloux, Belgium
Професија : Map-maker
Смрт: 29 април 1574, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Шаблон:NeedsourcesContemporary of Giovanni da Verrazzano and Jacques Cartier


61/6 <5+?> Jan Gysbertsz (Van Haarlem) [Haarlem]
Рођење: ~ 1519, Rhodos, Aquidneck Island, Narrangasset
Професија : Apprenticed to Turgut Reis (Ships Joiner)
Вера : Muslim Muladi
Професија : 1534, Command of Ottoman Fleet (Warship construction)
Место становања : изм 1552 и 1569, Basra
Место становања : изм 1570 и 1584, Rhodos
Место становања : 1585, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Смрт: 1609, Cyprus
Сахрана: Rhodos


71/7 <6+?> w Jan Janszoon van Haarlem [Janszoon]
Рођење: ~ 1570, Haarlem, Netherlands
Професија : од 1600, Haarlem, privateer
Титуле : од 1619, Salé, Republic of Salé, President and Grand Admiral of Salé
Титуле : од 1640, Governor of Oualidia
Смрт: ~ 1641, Morocco


81/8 <7+?> Anthony Jansen van Salee [Janszoon]
Рођење: 1607, Salé, Morocco
Свадба: <1> Grietje Reyniers (Jansen) [Reijners] b. 1602 d. 24 април 1666
Свадба: <2> Metje Grevenraet (Jansen) [Grevenraet]
Смрт: март 1676, Gravesend (Brooklyn)
From Wikipedia...

He had four daughters with Reyniers

Eva Antonis, who married Ferdinandus van Sycklin, an original immigrant to New Netherlands for whom a present-day avenue in Brooklyn is named for

Cornelia, who married William Johnson

Annica, who married Thomas Southard, born Thomas Southworth, cousin to Constant Southworth, stepson of William Bradford (Plymouth governor) of the Plymouth Colony. Annica and Thomas' daughter Abigail was the great-great-grandmother of Cornelius Vanderbilt

Sara, who married John Emans (Possibly Evans)
Джерельна довідка за населеним пунктом