Taliaferro Craig b. 1704 d. 1796

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Рођени род Craig
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Цело име (рођено) Taliaferro Craig


1704 Рођење: Probably at sea on his way to Virginia

1730 Свадба: King William County (Virginia), Mary "Polly" Hawkins [Hawkins] b. 19 септембар 1716 d. 16 јануар 1804

1748 Рођење једног детета: Spotsylvania County (Virginia), Sarah "Sallie" Craig [Craig] b. 1748 d. 1830

1796 Смрт: Woodford County (Kentucky)


Taliaferro lived with his uncle John (probably) after his fathers death. There are many property transactions in Spotsylvania County records that list the land of John Craig and Taliaferro Craig as "bordering the subject property". Taliaferro was a citizen of Betancourt County, Virginia, where he met and married Mary, according to William E. Railey in his book. On April 7, 1747, Taliaferro and Mary, while living in St. Georges Parish, of Spotsylvania, Virginia, sold 200 acres on both sides of Terry's run to Mary's brother Joseph Hawkins for a pittance of 5 Pounds. The reason was that the land had been willed by Mary's father, John Hawkins, to Mary and her brother Philemon and sisters Elizabeth, and Phoebe.. On June 2, 1760, Taliaferro and Mary gave son John 87 acres and son Lewis 276 acres, both in Spotsylvania County. At the age of 73, Taliaferro (Tolliver) enlisted in the Virginia Militia in 1777 to fight in the Revolutionary War. On June 30, 1781, Taliaferro and Mary sold 500 acres for 20,000 Pounds (a considerable sum) in Berkeley Parrish, Spotsylvania County, Virginia to William Wiatt, and soon moved to Kentucky. On August 1, 1781, their son, John Craig, sold 471 acres for 35,000 Pounds on Robinson's run in Spotsylvania, their home, to James Somerville Eleven of Taliaferro ("Cut iron" in Italian) and Mary's children married in Virginia and then followed their parents to Kentucky. The 12 families lived in Fayette County, but the county split and the families were then living in Jessamine, Scott, and Woodford. Later he was part of the defense at Bryan Station, Lexington, Kentucky, from May 15 to August 18, in 1782, where they were surrounded by Indians. Several of his children were part of the defense. The garrison was out numbered 5 to 1 with meager food but a messenger got through to Harrod's Fort, in Mercer County, and a relief column then rescued them. (See History of Woodford County by Willam E. Railey) Some researchers report that Taliaferro was a Rev. late in life

Another source says:

I found this story in the History of Callaway County Missouri, published in 1884 by the St. Louis National Historical Company, Chapter X, pages 217 - 230. According to the story, this person is not a true Craig in the sense that they did not know who his parents were and he was named after a drowned sailor.

One day, a great many years ago, as a ship was sailing from an Irish port to America, a sailor, named Toliver Craig, fell overboard and was drowned. The next morning a boy baby was found on the deck of the vessel, with no one to claim him or take care of him. The ship was loaded with emigrants, among whom were his parents, who doubtless felt too poor to assume the care of the little fellow in the new country to which they were going; so they took that method of throwing him upon the charities of the ship’s crew. After some consultation it was decided to name the little waif for the lost sailor, and he was accordingly christened Toliver Craig. He grew to be a man, married and had a son, whom he also named Toliver. The latter also grew to man’s estate, married and had a son, whom he named Toliver, Jr. The latter married Elizabeth Johnson, of Virginia, and removed to Scott county, Kentucky, during the early settlement of that State. The Indians were very hostile at the time, and they lived three years in a fort.

Child of Captain Taliaferro Craig and Jane is:

Taliaferro "Toliver"2 Craig, born in VA; died 1795 in Woodford County, Kentucky.



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== 1 ==
Mary "Polly" Hawkins
Рођење: 19 септембар 1716, Totnes, Devon (England)
Свадба: Taliaferro Craig , King William County (Virginia)
Смрт: 16 јануар 1804, Woodford County (Kentucky), Great Crossing Church
Taliaferro Craig
Рођење: 1704, Probably at sea on his way to Virginia
Свадба: Mary "Polly" Hawkins , King William County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1796, Woodford County (Kentucky)
== 1 ==
Manoah Singleton
Рођење: 16 јануар 1744, Orange County (Virginia), St. Thomas Parish
Свадба: Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Рођење: 1748, Spotsylvania County (Virginia)
Број брака: 10 јануар 1765
Свадба: Manoah Singleton
Смрт: 1830, Jessamine County (Kentucky)
Sarah Singleton
Рођење: 15 октобар 1771, Virginia
Смрт: 3 јул 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana

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