Mary "Polly" Hawkins b. 19 септембар 1716 d. 16 јануар 1804

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Рођени род Hawkins
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Цело име (рођено) Mary "Polly" Hawkins

John Hawkins [Hawkins] b. 14 новембар 1680 d. 7 октобар 1740

Mary Long [Long] b. 1680



19 септембар 1716 Рођење: Totnes, Devon (England)

1730 Свадба: King William County (Virginia), Taliaferro Craig [Craig] b. 1704 d. 1796

1748 Рођење једног детета: Spotsylvania County (Virginia), Sarah "Sallie" Craig [Craig] b. 1748 d. 1830

16 јануар 1804 Смрт: Woodford County (Kentucky), Great Crossing Church


Bryan Station (also Bryan's Station, and often misspelled Bryant's Station) was an early fortified settlement in Lexington, Kentucky. It was located on present-day Bryan Station Road, about three miles (5 km) north of New Circle Road, on the southern bank of Elkhorn Creek near Briar Hill Road.

The settlement was established circa 1775-76 by brothers Morgan, James, William and Joseph Bryan from North Carolina. The occupants of this parallelogram of some forty log cabins withstood several American Indian attacks. The most important occurred in August 1782 during the American Revolutionary War, when they were besieged by about 300 Shawnee Indians and British Canadians under Captain William Caldwell and Simon Girty. The attackers lifted the siege after Indian scouts reported that a force of Kentucky militia was on the way. The militiamen pursued Caldwell's force but were defeated three days later at the Battle of Blue Licks, about 60 miles (100 km) northeast.

The Lexington chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution erected a monument in August 1896 to commemorate the importance of a nearby spring in helping preserve the fort from the attack by Indians and Canadians. The pioneer women, led by Mary "Polly" Hawkins Craig (wife of "Traveling Church" patriarch Toliver Craig, Sr.), fetched water from the spring to defend against the use of burning arrows by the attackers. If the fort had burned, the attackers could have reached the women and children sheltering there.

Located a couple of miles south of the fort's site, Bryan Station High School was named in its honor. The athletic teams compete under the name "Defenders".

Event: Fact Some researchers say Mary was born in Wales Note: A charcoal portrait of Polly (according to some) hangs in the DAR headquarters at Duncan's Tavern, in Paris, Kentucky. General J. P. Hawkins stated that Polly was buried with her son Elijah Craig, at Great Crossings Church in Scott County, Kentucky. The headstone has the inscription "Mother of the Many Faithful". The cemetery was destroyed.

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John Hawkins
Рођење: 21 септембар 1643, Essex (England)
Број брака: < 1680, Oxfordshire, England, Mary Dewe
Смрт: мај 1698, England, Spotts
Mary Dewe
Рођење: Great Milton, Oxfordshire, England
Рођење: 1645, Islip (Oxfordshire), Plymouth (Devon)
Број деце: Mary and John had 14 children.
Смрт: < 1680, Oxfordshire, England
John Long
Рођење: 1662, England
Свадба: Elizabeth Spencer , Caroline County (Virginia)
Рођење: 1752, Spotsylvania County (Virginia)
Elizabeth Spencer
Рођење: 1664, Virginia, St. Georges Parish, Spotsylvania
Свадба: John Long , Caroline County (Virginia)
Рођење: 1764, Spottsylvania, Virgina
Mary Sarah Johnson
Рођење: 1682проц
Свадба: John Hawkins , Plymouth (Devon)
John Hawkins
Рођење: 14 новембар 1680, Great Milton, Oxfordshire, England
Број брака: ~ 1698, Marriage: 1 Mary Sarah Johnson - Marriage: 2 Mary Long b: 1680 in England (LDS says Orange County, Virginia) - Married: ABT 1698 in Plymouth, England - Children: Nicholas Hawkins b: 1698 in Plymouth, England - William Hawkins b: 1700 in Plymouth
Свадба: Mary Sarah Johnson , Plymouth (Devon)
Свадба: Mary Long , Plymouth (Devon), England
Смрт: 7 октобар 1740, Essex (England)
Mary Long
Рођење: 1680, England, (LDS says Orange County, Virginia)
Број брака: ~ 1698, Marriage 1 William Hawkins b: ABT 1682 in England Marriage 2 John H. Hawkins b: 14 NOV 1680 in Great Milton, Surrey, England Married: ABT 1698 in Plymouth, England Children Nicholas Hawkins b: 1698 in Plymouth, England William Hawkins b: 1700 in
Свадба: John Hawkins , Plymouth (Devon), England
Смрт: Virginia
== 3 ==
Taliaferro Craig
Рођење: 1704, Probably at sea on his way to Virginia
Свадба: Mary "Polly" Hawkins , King William County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1796, Woodford County (Kentucky)
Mary "Polly" Hawkins
Рођење: 19 септембар 1716, Totnes, Devon (England)
Свадба: Taliaferro Craig , King William County (Virginia)
Смрт: 16 јануар 1804, Woodford County (Kentucky), Great Crossing Church
== 3 ==
Manoah Singleton
Рођење: 16 јануар 1744, Orange County (Virginia), St. Thomas Parish
Свадба: Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Sarah "Sallie" Craig
Рођење: 1748, Spotsylvania County (Virginia)
Број брака: 10 јануар 1765
Свадба: Manoah Singleton
Смрт: 1830, Jessamine County (Kentucky)
Sarah Singleton
Рођење: 15 октобар 1771, Virginia
Смрт: 3 јул 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana

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