James Neal b. 16 октобар 1789

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Neal
Пол мушки
Цело име (рођено) James Neal
Друга имена H.

Micajah Neal [Neal] b. 1753

Mildred Beasley (Beazley) [Beasley] b. 1753



16 октобар 1789 Рођење: Fauquier County (Virginia), USA

1818 Рођење једног детета: Shelby County (Kentucky), USA, William Neal [Neal] b. 1818


James moved to Washington County in about 1811. James was a private in Captain Parke's Infantry in Virginia in the War of 1812. Returned to Shelby County, Kentucky in 1818. He owned a harness and vehicle store in Salem for 50 years. In 1850 James applied for a bounty for his War service, and in the application he states he enlisted on June 18, 1812 at Shelbyville, Ky, in the first Rifle Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer Militia, was a private under Captain Ballard, and commanded by Col. John Allen. In October 1850, James applied for a land grant based on his service in the War of 1812


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Рођење: 1732, Virginia
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Свадба: Ann "Annie" Reynolds
Ann "Annie" Reynolds
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Смрт: 27 фебруар 1810, Orange County (Virginia)
Micajah Neal
Рођење: 1753
Број брака: 3 август 1782, Orange County (Virginia), St Thomas Parish
Mildred Beasley (Beazley)
Рођење: 1753, Orange County (Virginia), USA
== 3 ==
Polly (Mary Ann) Martin
Рођење: 23 март 1794, Jessamine County (Kentucky), USA, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessamine_County,_Kentucky
James Neal
Рођење: 16 октобар 1789, Fauquier County (Virginia), USA
== 3 ==
Hannah Rollings
Рођење: 16 фебруар 1822, Coshocton (Ohio)
Број брака: 17 септембар 1840, Jackson Township (Hamilton County Indiana)
Свадба: William Neal , Jackson Township (Hamilton County Indiana)
Смрт: 20 март 1895, Cicero (Indiana), Hamilton County (Indiana)
William Neal
Рођење: 1818, Shelby County (Kentucky), USA
_FA1: Cicero (Indiana), (Moved to)
Свадба: Hannah Rollings , Jackson Township (Hamilton County Indiana)
Dovie Parent
Рођење: Cicero Township (Tipton County Indiana)
Рођење: 18 мај 1881, Cicero (Indiana), Hamilton County (Indiana)
Свадба: Richard Neal , Cicero (Indiana), Hamilton County (Indiana), USA
Richard Neal
Рођење: 1857, Cicero (Indiana), USA
Професија : Cicero (Indiana), USA, lawyer
Свадба: Dovie Parent , Cicero (Indiana), Hamilton County (Indiana), USA

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