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[уреди] What is green smoke and its components?

The latest silicon chip and battery technology that make the green smoke possible. Now let me tell you about green smoke and what are working features of green smoke ? It is a real marvel of hi-tech engineering which consists of three main segments, which are

1. Atomizing chamber 2. Cartridge/mouthpiece 3. Battery

1 Cartridge/Mouthpiece

The nicotine solution is contained in a disposable cartridge which comes attached to a mouthpiece. The solution contains water, flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol - the active substance which enables the solution to become a smoke like mist.

2 The Atomizing Chamber

At the core of the chamber is the atomizer - a small section of wire-wool type material that turns the nicotine solution into vapor as it is drawn through by suction. The atomizing section is attached to the battery via a brass screw fitting which also conducts the electricity across?

3 The Battery

The energy required to produce the mist is considerable, and it is only in the last couple of years that batteries have become powerful enough that they can be made small enough to be a reasonable-sized component of the green smoke. The battery provides power to the atomizer when the sensitive pressure sensor (also contained in the battery) is activated by the user sucking air through.

And controlling the function of the whole device is a silicon chip made by Motorola that ensures that itself cleans routinely every 1500 puffs, and controls the user feedback via the LED at the end of the cigarette. The e cigarettes reviews are helpful to most people haven't heard of it just yet and owners of public places are likely to be very jumpy when someone appears to be smoking in their premises. For more help visit the electric cigarette reviews by clicking the link.

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