Elizabeth (Bess) Throckmorton - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 Elizabeth (Bess) Throckmorton [Throckmorton]
Свадба: <1> (Sir) Walter Raleigh (The Explorer) [Raleigh] b. 1552 d. 29 октобар 1618


31/2 <1+1> Nicholas Damerai Raleigh [Raleigh]
Рођење: 29 јун 1591, England, Miles End, Enfield, London
Крштење: Godfather: Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh
Смрт: октобар 1591, 5 Months Old
Сахрана: Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church
Шаблон:Place name error


Some websites report this child as stillborn. This is incorrect. This child's baptism and death record indicate that it was named for relative who "sailed" to England with Richard Grenville. Many historians are confused and believe this event to be a reference to the Norman Grenvilles who sailed to England with the Conquerer.
42/2 <1+1> Walter Raleigh [Raleigh]
Рођење: 1593
Смрт: 1616, Guiana, South America
23/2 <1+1> Carew Raleigh [Raleigh]
Рођење: 1605, London, England, Tower of London
Завршетак школства: Oxford (England), Wadham College, Oxford
Свадба: <2> Philippa Sheldon [Sheldon] b. 1607 d. 20 јун 1674
Место становања : 1612, Colony of Virginia
Професија : 1649, Parliament - Member for Haslemere
Професија : 1660, Jersey, Channel Islands, Governor of Jersey
Смрт: 1666, London, England, St Martin's Lane
Сахрана: Westminster (England), Raleigh Crypt, St Margaret's Church
Married the widow of Anthony Ashley


51/3 <2+2> (Sir) Walter Sheldon (Raleigh) [Sheldon]
Рођење: 1650, London, England
Свадба: <3> Elizabeth Rogers [Rogers] bur. 24 фебруар 1695
Смрт: 1660, West Horsley, Surrey (England)
62/3 <2+2> Carew Raleigh (Junior) [Raleigh]
Рођење: ~ 1650