Sarah Singleton b. 15 октобар 1771 d. 3 јул 1845 - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> Sarah Singleton [Singleton]
Рођење: 15 октобар 1771, Virginia
Смрт: 3 јул 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana
Manoah and Sally Singleton are supposed to be buried in a cemetery marked only

with field stones in a farm south west of the corner of Harrodsburg Road and Catnip Hill Road, which is in northern Jessamine County, Kentucky. The farm was once owned by "Fount Baker." Much of my Singleton data came from Hazel White, later she wrote me that she didn't do Singleton's any more, and that she gave her notes to Leonard

Singleton, Box 23, Senecaville, Ohio 43780 {1990}


21/2 <1+?> Polly (Mary Ann) Martin [Martin]
Рођење: 23 март 1794, Jessamine County (Kentucky), USA,,_Kentucky


31/3 <2+?> William Neal [Neal]
Рођење: 1818, Shelby County (Kentucky), USA
_FA1: Cicero (Indiana), (Moved to)
Свадба: <1> Hannah Rollings [Rollings] b. 16 фебруар 1822 d. 20 март 1895, Jackson Township (Hamilton County Indiana)


41/4 <3+1> Richard Neal [Neal]
Рођење: 1857, Cicero (Indiana), USA
Професија : Cicero (Indiana), USA, lawyer
Свадба: <2> Dovie Parent [Parent] , Cicero (Indiana), Hamilton County (Indiana), USA


51/5 <4+2> Leona Neal [Neal]
Рођење: 27 децембар 1884, Cicero (Indiana)


61/6 <5+?> Ruth Arduser [Arduser]
Рођење: 3 октобар 1910, Cicero (Indiana)
Смрт: 28 јануар 1993
Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - January 29, 1993 - C7 DEATH NOTICE


Ruth E. Vobbe SILVER LAKE -- Ruth E. Vobbe, 82, passed away Jan. 28, 1993 following a long illness. Mrs. Vobbe was a native of Indiana and a graduate of Ohio State University with honors, and was past president of Chi Omega Sorority. She was a retired school teacher, having taught with the Cuyahoga Falls School System at both Broad Street and Grant Street schools and the high school for over 30 years. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran...


Ruth E. Vobbe SILVER LAKE -- Ruth E. Vobbe, 82, passed away Jan. 28, 1993 following a long illness. The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 p.m. SunDAY, at the Clifford- Shoemaker Funeral Home, 1930 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls. Funeral service will be conducted at 10 a.m. MonDAY, at Trinity Lutheran Church, 50 N. Prospect St., Pastor Jan Walker and Pastor William J. Matlack officiating. Final resting place Toledo Memorial Park in Sylvania,...


71/7 <6+?> Living Vobbe [Vobbe]


81/8 <7+?> Living Marohn [Marohn]