Duncan of Strathearn b. 890 d. 937

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Цело име (рођено) Duncan of Strathearn


890 Рођење:

Свадба: Gora Thorsteinsdotter [MacGregor]

915проц Рођење једног детета: Duncan of Dunkeld [Dunkeld] b. 915проц d. 965

937 Смрт:


Heredtiary Priest of Dule, Abbot of Dunkfield

from Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland IX. The Gaels

The Cineal Conaill in Scotland were known as the Kindred of St. Columba, the great saint who founded lona. This epithet was applied to all the descendants of St. Columba’s great-grandfather, Conall Gulban, but was especially applied to branches within the clan devoted to ecclesiastical pursuits, especially in Scotland. Thus the Kindred was comprised of several early saints, and also of the hereditary abbots of Iona, Kells, Derry and Dunkeld, some of whom were descended from the Saint Columba’s brother. The Kindred of St. Columba remained closely connected to the Abbey at lona despite changes in political control and the distance from the Cineal Conall homeland in Donegal. In 1164 King Somerled of the Isles (see under MacDonald) invited the chief co-arb (see Chapter IV) of St. Columba to accept the Abbacy of lona; but the Cineal Connaill would not allow the Columban primacy (which first went from lona to Kells, and then to Derry in Donegal, the homeland of the Kindred) to pass from Derry back to the Hebrides.


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Duncan of Dunkeld
Рођење: 915проц
Смрт: 965, Duncrub
Duncan of Dunkeld
Рођење: 940проц, Atholl, Perth, Scotland
Смрт: 990, Perthshire

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