Ian McLeod

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Рођени род McLeod
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Цело име (рођено) Ian McLeod
Друга имена Haggis
Вики-страница wikipedia:en:Haggis McLeod
Reference numbers GEDCOM::craigsharrow.ged::INDI @I53959@::Hailey C. Shannon


Свадба: Arabella Spencer-Churchill (Barton) [Spencer-Churchill] b. 30 октобар 1949 d. 20 децембар 2007

1988 Рођење једног детета: Jessica Jules McLeod [McLeod] b. 1988




If you find verifiable errors, please let me know. I welcome all additions, particularly Sharrow/Charron surnames in the Detroit River area of Michigan/Ontario which will link to relatives in the tree (please be sure that your information includes full names, place names, and dates of birth, marriage, and death -- more information, such as residences and occupations are greatly appreciated)

Digitized photos of ancestors, biographies, land records, wills and probate records are also wanted.

Please do not send files with sanitized records -- that is, names like: LIVING SURNAME with no first names, dates or locations. These are not useful genealogical records!

Please refer to: http://www.sharrow.com/mainlines.html for a listing of families I'm researching and interested in.

If you use this data, please include Source Attribution (i.e., don't swipe the info without giving credit - I'm trying to build the primary Sharrow/Charron database - can't do that if folks don't know who to contact)

Send CHARRON/SHARROW information or queries to craig@@sharrow.com


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== 1 ==
Arabella Spencer-Churchill (Barton)
Рођење: 30 октобар 1949
Свадба: Ian McLeod
Свадба: Janes Barton
Смрт: 20 децембар 2007
== 1 ==
Nicholas Jake Barton
Рођење: 1973
Jessica Jules McLeod
Рођење: 1988

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