Эмма Чешская b. ~ 948 d. 989

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Бозониды
Пол женски
Цело име (рођено) Эмма Чешская
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~ 948 Рођење:

965 Титуле : Мельник, Чехия

989 Смрт:


  1. http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/BOHEMIA.htm#BoleslavIdied973976B - It seems improbable chronologically that her (= Ælfgifu of England) husband could have been Duke Boleslav. Although the duke's birth date is not known, his younger brother Strakhvas was born 28 Sep 929[44]. It therefore seems unlikely that Boleslaw could have been born much earlier than 925 at the earliest, whereas Ælfgifu was probably born in the range [910/15] assuming that she was of marriageable age when she went to Germany with her sister.]

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Эмма Чешская
Рођење: ~ 948
Титуле : 965, Мельник, Чехия
Смрт: 989
== 1 ==

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