Hodger (Ogier) (Auchier) (Ajjar) ? (The Dacian) d. 817

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Рођени род Dulo Clan
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Цело име (рођено) Hodger (Ogier) (Auchier) (Ajjar) ?
Друга презимена The Dacian

Gotte [?]



Рођење једног детета: Meurvin (Meurvig) [House of Holdger]

Рођење једног детета: Vidmar [House of Holdger]

Рођење једног детета: Sveide Augierson [House of Holdger] d. 832

771 Рођење једног детета: Auchier (Augier) [-] b. 771

изм 796 и 802 Титуле : King of England, Anglia

817 Смрт:


The sources below give descendance to an Ogier the Dane, but no ascendance. So:


The Europäische Stammtafeln further mentions several theories on their family line. An elder Harald is assumed to have succeeded his brother, Sigifrid, as King of Hedeby in 798. The book places Harald the elder's his death in 804 "killed in battle in the Irish Sea". Harald is assumed to have married Imhild, daughter of Warnechin, Count of Angria and his wife Kunhilde of Rügen. Their children supposedly included not only Halfdan, "third" King of Hedeby (father of Harald Klak and his siblings) but two other sons. The first identified as another Harald ("fourth" King of Hedeby) and the second as Holger.

Another more likely theory exists which links Hodger to the House of Dulo as the brother of Kormesiy (Gorm/Guram) and the son of Tervel (Thorvald) whose brother was also named Ajjar (Hoger) the elder. At this time Denmark or portions thereof were known as Novo Dacia or New Dacia and referred to as such in the sagas and histories of the saints and missionaries.

Possibly related to Ajjar (Hodger) Dulo (Dulo Clan, ?)


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  2. The Europäische Stammtafeln: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der Europäischen Staaten (1978) by Detlev Schwennicke -

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== 3 ==
Hodger (Ogier) (Auchier) (Ajjar) ? (The Dacian)
Титуле : изм 796 и 802, King of England, Anglia
Смрт: 817
== 3 ==
Sveide Augierson
Смрт: 832
Auchier (Augier)
Рођење: 771
Титуле : изм 832 и 845, Dublin, Ireland, King of Ireland
Смрт: 845

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