Sary Misson (Legare) b. < 1680

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Рођени род Legare
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Цело име (рођено) Sary Misson
Друга презимена Legare

John Solomon Legare [Legare] b. 1662 d. 1760

Sarah Muscheon [Muscheon] b. 1674 d. 12 фебруар 1712


< 1680 Рођење:

< 1705 Рођење једног детета: Isle of Wight (Virginia), Sarah Ann Jones [Jones] b. < 1705 d. 1750

1708 Рођење једног детета: Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar, Mary Averleigh Jones [Jones] b. 1708


Шаблон:NeedsourcesThe parents of Sary Misson are not conclusive. Some attribute paternity to Captain James (or Francois) Olivier Misson who was a pirate captain in league with Thomas Tew and the crew of the Amity.

Sometime between 1692 and 1696 Misson's pirate colony of Libertalia was failing having been set upon by the Portuguese who had discovered the entrance to the hidden bay. Misson entrusted his "treasure" to Thomas Tew and Arthur Jones who were at that time residing on the nearby French colony of Ile du St Marie Madagascar. Tew and Jones vowed to deliver the treasure to safety in Virginia.

Upon return of the Amity to the Americas, Tew feigned distress and returned first to Rhode Island and made a stop at "Coney Island" where they offloaded Misson's Portion (as well as some of their own) prior to proceeding to Barbados to render accounts to the owners of the Amity cargo. An inquest was held in 1696 during which witness reports revealed that the disposition of the cargo was not reported and that the pirates were trying to extort their share from the remains. Several of the crew were found guilty and hung. Among these were Arthur Jones and Samuel Nanney.

Oral histories among some of the descendants of Jones and Nanney reveal that Coney Island was in fact "Coney's Island" in Virginia (the home of Arthur Jones whose wife was a sister of former governor of Bermuda, Richard Coney), and that "Misson's Portion" was in fact the young daughter of Captain Misson who later married the son of Arthur Jones.

Од прародитеља до унучад

Francois Solomon Legare
Рођење: 1636, Lyon (France)
John Solomon Legare
Рођење: 1662
Смрт: 1760
Martha Muscheon (Musteen) (Wyatt)
Рођење: 1673
Смрт: 1698
Sarah Muscheon
Рођење: 1674, Maryland,
Смрт: 12 фебруар 1712, Charleston (South Carolina)
== 3 ==
Richard Jones
Рођење: 1666, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
Смрт: 1721, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
Sary Misson (Legare)
Рођење: < 1680
== 3 ==
Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
Рођење: 1683, Isle of Wight, Virginia
Свадба: Sarah Ann Jones
Смрт: 1748, Isle of Wight, Virginia
William Bell
Рођење: 1700, Isle of Wight County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1754, Edgecombe County (North Carolina)
Sarah Ann Jones
Рођење: < 1705, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
Свадба: Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
Смрт: 1750, Edgecombe County (North Carolina)
Moses Ayers
Рођење: 4 јануар 1706, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey)
Свадба: Mary Averleigh Jones
Mary Averleigh Jones
Рођење: 1708, Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar
Рођење: 1739, Roxbury Township (New Jersey)
Свадба: Moses Ayers
Thomas Solomon Muscheon (Mustain)
Рођење: 1713, Halifax (North Carolina)
Крштење: 1713, Trinity Parish, NY
Место становања : 1740, Saint Thomas (Barbados)
Смрт: 21 новембар 1791, Charles City, Henrico, VA
Arthur (Matthews) Bell
Рођење: 1718, Isle of Wight County (Virginia)
Смрт: 1775, Halifax County (North Carolina)
Lydia Jones Ayers
Рођење: мај 1746

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