Margaret Graham (of the Montrose Family) b. 1481 d. 1521

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Рођени род Graham
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Цело име (рођено) Margaret Graham
Друга презимена of the Montrose Family

William Graham [Graham] b. 1464 d. 9 септембар 1513

Annabel Drummond [Drummond] b. 1469 d. 1492


1481 Рођење: Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland

1520 Рођење једног детета: Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland, Jane Little [Little] b. 1520 d. 1554

1521 Смрт:


Margaret is presumed to be the daughter of William Graham's first wife Annabel Drummond on the grounds that although her mother is not mentioned in the histories, her birth occurs between the time of her father's marriage to Annabel and the time of the birth of their son William Graham, the 2nd Earl of Montrose. Of course, there is the possibility that she was a bastard.

Од прародитеља до унучад

Elizabeth Lindsay
Рођење: 1445, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Свадба: John Drummond
Смрт: 1519, Stobhall, Perth, Scotland
John Drummond
Рођење: 1438, Stobhill, Schottland
Свадба: Elizabeth Lindsay
Смрт: 1519, Stobhall, Perth, Schottland
William Graham
Рођење: 1464, Kincardine, Scotland, Blackford, Perth,
Свадба: Annabel Drummond
Смрт: 9 септембар 1513, Branxton (Northumberland), England, Battle of Flodden [[Category:Battle of Flodden|{{clanname:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]
Annabel Drummond
Рођење: 1469, Innerpeffray, Crieff, Perthshire, Schottland
Свадба: William Graham
Смрт: 1492, Muthill, Schottland, Drummond Castle (?). Then in Perth county.
== 3 ==
William Graham
Рођење: 1480
Титуле : 2nd Earl of Montrose
Свадба: Janet Keith (Graham)
Смрт: 24 мај 1571
Thomas Little
Рођење: 1479, Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
Смрт: 1521
Margaret Graham (of the Montrose Family)
Рођење: 1481, Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
Смрт: 1521
== 3 ==
James Adam Purdon
Рођење: 1510, Kirklington Cumberland England
Смрт: 21 јул 1595, Lurgan Race Dublin Ireland
Jane Little
Рођење: 1520, Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
Смрт: 1554, Ireland, Lurgan Race, Louth, Ireland

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