William Rogers

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Рођени род Rogers
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Цело име (рођено) William Rogers
Друга имена Charles

John SR Rogers [Rogers] b. 1761

Jennie Talontisky (Due) [Due]



1905 Титуле : Cherokee Chief - Deposed




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Robert Rogers
Рођење: 1710, Burke County (Georgia), State of Georgia, USA
Смрт: 1794, Burke County (Georgia), State of Georgia, USA
Tahlonteeskee ? (Brother of John Jolly)
Место становања : Hamilton County (Tennessee), Tennessee, Cayoka, Hiwassee Island
William Rogers
Рођење: 1740, Pr Burke Cty, Georgia (U.S. state)
Свадба: Elizabeth Emory
Смрт: 1794, Pr Burke Cty, Georgia (U.S. state)
Alsey Vann
Рођење: 1765, Tennessee
Свадба: John SR Rogers
Сахрана: Fort Gibson (Oklahoma), Fort Gibson National Cemetery
John SR Rogers
Рођење: 1761, Tennessee
_FA1: nickname, Hell Fire Jack
_MILT: French/Indian Wars - English Captain
Други догађај: Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Свадба: Alsey Vann
Свадба: Elizabeth Emory
Свадба: Jennie Talontisky (Due)
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Polly Ann Rogers
Рођење: 1787, Calhoun (Tennessee), McMinn County (Tennessee), USA
Вера : Moravian Church, Vann Homestead, Spring Place, Georgia
Физички опис: Tall, splendidly formed, dark complexion, black hair, black eyes
Смрт: 1857, San Saba County (Texas)
Talahina Rogers
Други догађај: Wife of Sam Houston
John James Rogers
Други догађај: Chief of Western Cherokees and Grand Saline
Charles Coody Rogers
Други догађај: Judge Rogers Oklahoma Cherokee Chief
William Rogers
Титуле : 1905, Cherokee Chief - Deposed
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