Jean Louis Henri d'Estaing (Estaine) d. 1664

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Рођени род Estaing
Пол мушки
Цело име (рођено) Jean Louis Henri d'Estaing
Друга презимена Estaine

Jean d'Estaing [Estaing] b. 1560 d. 13 октобар 1621

Gilberte de La Rochefoucauld [La Rochefoucauld] b. 1563 d. 1623



Рођење: Provence, France

Свадба: Louise Mousson (d'Apchon) [Apchon]

1620 Рођење једног детета: Provence, France, Arran, , Jean Musson (de Val Bourg) [Estaing] b. 1620 d. 1675

1664 Смрт:


Шаблон:NeedsourcesCapitaine de Chevau-Légers: Name: Henry Tane Year: 1643 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 6219 Primary Immigrant: Tane, Henry Annotation: Date and place where land was patented and record was created listing those transported/imported. Only the names of those to be transported were indexed. Abstracted from Land Office records located at the Virginia State Library. See also source numbers 62 Source Bibliography: NUGENT, NELL M. Cavaliers and Pioneers: A Calendar of Virginia Land Grants, 1623-1800. Vol. 1:1-6. Richmond, VA: Dietz Printing Co., [1929-1931. Although vol. 6 ends with the year 1695, no other volumes were published.] Page: 205


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Рођење: 1620, Provence, France, Arran,
_MILT: Maréchal de Camp France, Commandeur de "Tortebesse"
Свадба: Claudia Cambourcier
Смрт: 1675, Provence, France, Gite Hoo, Arran, Mostous,
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_MILT: France, Brigadier des Armées
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Свадба: Philippa Vance
Досељавање: 1646, Yorktown (Virginia), Virginia
Смрт: 23 јул 1723

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