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Ревизија од 11:53, 22. август 2016.; Tesson (Разговор | прилози)
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Имало би овде понешто да се промени у самим подешавањима - као ово прародитељ. Ако треба помоћ и сам бих ово средио само нека ми неко каже како. --Жижовић 20:37, 13. јул 2007. (EEST)

[уреди] First proposal for rules

I began to propose rules on this page:

Let's work on it! --Christophe Tesson - talk. 16:10, 19. јун 2010. (EEST)

[уреди] Top 100!

Good news:

•Rodovid at #82 on our Top 100 List is the first time we have had a Ukrainian-based website place so high. The website provides free family trees. Ancestral records are hard to come by from Ukraine so it might be worth checking out the website for anyone with Ukrainian ancestors. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 19:04, 16. мај 2016. (EEST)

[уреди] Rodovid.AR and Rodovid.SV

Because your front page is locked, I can not ad interwiki links to the 3 new localizations of Rodovid. Can somebody here ad [[ar:]], [[br:]] and [[sv:]] to this page? Thank you. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 14:53, 22. август 2016. (EEST)