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Gospatric FitzMaldred
birth: 1040?, Galloway, Schottland
title: 1067 - 1068, Earl of Northumbria
title: 1072 - 1075, Earl of Dunbar
death: 1075, Norham, Northumberland, England
Maldred de Molle (of Winalton)
birth: 1045
death: 1100
Maurice Drummond (Druimmonadh)
birth: 1060, Hungary
death: 1093, Battle Of Alnwich
Wandril Sharshal (de Leon)
birth: 1021
death: 1067
Malcolm Drummond
birth: 1085
death: 1130
Maldouin MacMurdach
birth: 1076, Inchmurrin, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, Loch Lomond
Alwyn MacArkil
birth: 1070, Scotland
Uchtred Leham (FitzMaldred)
birth: 1075, Raby Castle, County Durham, England
death: 1128, Raby Castle, County Durham, England
Fergus Molle (of Galloway)
birth: 1090, Carrick (Scotland)
title: < 1161, Edinburgh (Scotland), Lord of Galloway, Holyrood Abbey
death: 12 maj 1161
Dufugan Angus
title: 1115, 1st Earl of Angus
Elizabeth FitzHenry (Norman)
birth: 1095, Yorkshire (England), Talby ?
death: 1165, Edinburgh (Scotland), Holyrood Abbey
Maurice Drummond
birth: 1100
death: 1155
Murdac MacMaldouen
birth: 1105, Inchmurrin, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, Loch Lomond
Layde MacAlwyn
birth: 1100, Lennox, Scotland
Gille Brigte mac Fergusa (of Galloway)
title: 1161 - 1185, Lord of Galloway
death: 1185
Uchtred MacFergus (Galloway)
birth: 1120?, Molle, Durham, England
Margaret Galloway
birth: 1130, Carrick (Scotland)
death: 1182, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Gillebride Angus (MacDufugan)
birth: 1128
birth: 1187
John Drummond
birth: 1120
death: 1180
Donnchad mac Gille Brigte
birth: 1174, Carrick (Scotland)
marriage: Авелина ФицАлан Стюарт
title: 1186 - 1250, Earl of Carrick
death: 13 jun 1250
Gilchrist Angus
birth: 1154, Forfar, Scotland
title: Earl of Angus, 4th
marriage: Margaret de Huntingdon
death: 1211, Forfar, Scotland
Gilcrist Menteith
birth: 1140, Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
title: 1-й граф(мормар) Ментейт
death: 1178, Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
Malcolm Drummond (Lennox)
birth: 1150
death: 1200
Alwyn Lennox
birth: 1165
death: 1225
Муиредхах II of Menteith
title: 3-й граф(мормар) Ментейт(1213–1231)
Муиредхах I of Menteith
title: 2-й граф(мормар) Ментейт
Eve Menteith
birth: 1178, Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
Maldwin Lennox
birth: 1196, Inchmurrin Isle, Loch Lomond, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
death: 1250, Balloch Castle, Loch Lomond, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Beatrix Stewart
birth: 1204
Malcolm Drummond (Lennox)
birth: 1180
death: 1259
Ada Lennox
birth: 1220
death: < 1260
Malcolm Drummond (Little)
birth: 1210, Dryman, Stirling, Scotland
death: 1259, Dryman, Stirling, Scotland
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Malcolm Drummond (Lennox)
birth: 1238
death: 1278
John Drummond (De Moravia)
birth: 1240
title: 11° Senescal de Lennox.
fact 1: Envolveu-se em longa disputa jurídica seguida de conflitos por trinta anos até final da contenda em 1° de maio de 1360. Perdeu também o privilégio de Senescal de Lennox, título hereditário da família por trezentos anos (desde 1073). Continuou como
death: 1301
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