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Джон Дрейк
birth: 1566, Колитон, Девоншир, Английское королевство
marriage: Доротея Баттон
death: 11 april 1628, Колитон, Девоншир, Английское королевство
Доротея Баттон
birth: 1568, Колитон, Девоншир, Английское королевство
marriage: Джон Дрейк
death: 13 decembar 1631, Английское королевство
Henry Boteler
birth: 1560, Branfield, Hertfordshire, England
John Boteler (Brantfield)
birth: 1565?, Hatfield, Woodhall, Hertfordshire, England
marriage: Elizabeth Villiers
death: 27 maj 1637, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Covent Garden, London, England
burial: Higham Gobion, Bedfordshire, England
Susan Villiers
birth: 1589
death: 1652
Christopher Villiers (1st Earl of Anglesey)
birth: < 1600
title: 1st Earl of Anglesey
marriage: Elizabeth Sheldon
death: 3 april 1630
John Villiers (1st Viscount Purbeck)
birth: 1591?
title: Sir
death: 18 februar 1657
George Villiers (1st Duke of Buckingham)
birth: 28 avgust 1592, Brooksby, Leicestershire
marriage: Katherine Manners (Baroness de Ros of Helmsley)
death: 23 avgust 1628, Portsmouth
William Villiers (1st Bt.)
birth: 1575?
death: 12 jun 1629
Alice Barantine (of Haseley)
birth: 1485, Court (Switzerland)
John Bustard (of Adderbury)
birth: 1440, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1534, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
Nicholas de Vaux
birth: 1460
birth: 15 maj 1523
title: baron Vaux of Harrowden
marriage: w Elizabeth FitzHugh
Elizabet de Faux
birth: 1486, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1517, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
Edward Wilmot (Witney)
birth: 1504, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1550, Newent, Gloucestershire, England
Christian Bustard
birth: 1502, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1571, Twyford (Hampshire), England
Ralph Yeardley
birth: 1549
death: 1604
Мария Дрейк
birth: 1594, Колитон, Девоншир, Английское королевство
death: 16 novembar 1643, Масбури, Девоншир, Английское королевство
Джон Дрейк из Аша
birth: 1591, Английское королевство
title: Английское королевство, сер
marriage: Eleanor Boteler (Helen) , Английское королевство
death: < 1666, Аш, Масбури, Девоншир, Английское королевство
Mary Boteler
title: Hon.
Henry Boteler
title: Sir
death: < 1637
William Boteler (Brantfield)
title: Sir
death: 1647
Eleanor Boteler (Helen)
birth: 1596, Colyton (Devon), England
title: Hon.
marriage: Джон Дрейк из Аша , Английское королевство
death: 2 oktobar 1666
(Sir) Richard Harpur
occupation: Judge
Arthur Wilmot (Witney)
death: 1629, Uncle of Charles Wilmot, 1st Viscount Wilmot of Athlone
Edward Wilmot (Culham)
birth: oktobar 1542, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1602, England, Syson, Gloucestershire
(Sir) George Yeardley
birth: 1587
death: 1627
John Drake
title: Sir
(Sir) John Harpur (of Swarkston)
title: 1580, Sheriff of Derbyshire
Henry Monck (of Ivers)
residence: Iver, Buckinghamshire
Joan Hitchcock
death: 10 oktobar 1601
Charles Wilmot (Athlone)
birth: 1571
marriage: Mary Colley
death: april 1644
Robert Wilmot (Chaddesden)
birth: 1580
death: 2 jul 1683
Dorothy Shrigley (of Chester)
birth: 1574, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, England,
Elizabeth Blenerhassett
death: 15 januar 1647
(sir) Henry Harpur (of Calke)
birth: 1579
death: 1638
Nicholas Wilmot (Osmaston)
birth: decembar 1611
birth: 28 decembar 1682
Dorothy Harpur
death: 22 januar 1682
Edward Yeardley
birth: 1602
death: 1656
Henry Monck
birth: 1626?
Robert Wilmot
birth: 1650
death: 1732
Robert Wilmot
birth: 1669
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