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This tree contains: 10 families with 31 people in 6 lineages, 19 of these people are blood relatives; 2 families with 2 people are hidden.

== 1 ==
Cassius Muladi (de Vasque)
birth: 685?
nationality: Visigoth
residence: Tudela (Navarre)
marriage: ? ? (of Ulhasa)
fact 1: 714, Conversion to Islam
== 1 ==
Fortún Ibn Qasi
birth: 700
caste: Saragosse, wali de Saragosse
marriage: Assima Al Lakhmi
Abutaurek ? (Abu Tawr, Tariq ibn Ziyad)
birth: 689
birth: 29 april 711, Landing in Gibraltar (Jabal al Tariq)
title: Governor of Tangier
death: 720
Íñigo Arista Íñiguez
birth: 781
title: Conde de Bigorra
title: Conde de Sobrarbe
marriage: Oneca Velázquez
title: 820 ? 852, Pamplona, Marca Hispánica, Rey de Pamplona, 1º
death: 870, Marca Hispánica
Bahlul (Borell) ? (ibn Marzuq)
residence: Huesca
death: 802
Mutarrif Ier
caste: Pampelune, wali de Pampelune
death: 799, Pampelune
marriage: Awriya ibn Musa
death: 859, Mount Laturce
Mutarrif ibn Musa
title: Gobernador de Pamplona
marriage: Velasquita Garcés
death: 873, Cruicified in Cordoba