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This tree contains: 21 families with 73 people in 28 lineages, 37 of these people are blood relatives; 5 families with 4 people are hidden.

== 1 ==
Alphonso De Vere
birth: 1000, England, Hedingham, Essex, England
marriage: Katherine De Flandre , England
death: 1032, Ver (Manche), Normandy, France
Katherine De Flandre
birth: 1000, Essex (England)
marriage: Alphonso De Vere , England
death: >16 decembar 1030, England, Hedingham, Essex, England
== 1 ==
Beatrice De Gand
birth: 1040, France, Bourboucy, France
marriage: Alberic Aubrey I De Vere , Essex (England)
death: 1100, England, Colne, Essex, England
Alberic Aubrey I De Vere
birth: 16 decembar 1030, Ver (Manche), Normandy, France
marriage: Beatrice De Gand , Essex (England)
death: 1 septembar 1088
Manasser De Arsic
birth: 1070, Witney, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Rohese De Vere , England, Colne, Essex, England
death: 1103, England, Colne, Essex, England
Rohese De Vere
birth: 1070, Essex (England)
marriage: Manasser De Arsic , England, Colne, Essex, England
death: 1166, Rickling (Essex), England
Robert De Arsic
birth: 1095, Witney, Oxfordshire, England
death: 1155, Oxfordshire, England
Simon Moreville
death: 1140
Manasser ? (DeArsic)
birth: 1120, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Margaret ? (Oxfordshire)
death: 1191, Oxfordshire, England
Richard Camville
death: 1190, Acre (Israel)
Aubrey de Vere (2. Earl of Oxford)
birth: 1163?
death: oktobar 1214
Emma De Solenbi
birth: 1140, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Alexander ? (DeArsic)
Alexander ? (DeArsic)
birth: 1140, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Emma De Solenbi
death: 1202, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
Robert Marmion (of Fontney)
death: oktobar 1181
Robert Harcourt (of Stanton)
title: Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire
death: 1202
William Grasmere (de Lindsay)
marriage: 1220?
title: 1221 - 1247, Lord of Lamberton
death: 1247
William Lamberton (de Lindsay)
birth: 1198, Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire, Scotland
marriage: Alice de Lancaster
other: 1221 ? 1247, Lord Lamberton
death: 1247, Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire, Scotland
Ada Morvill
birth: 1210, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Sibyl Crevequer
birth: 1170, Medway (Kent), England
marriage: Robert ? (DeArsic) , Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
death: England
Robert ? (DeArsic)
birth: 1170, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Sibyl Crevequer , Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
death: 31 januar 1230, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
Alice Noel
death: 1235
John de Courtenay (of Okehampton)
marriage: Isabel de Vere
title: 1242, Baron of Okehampton
death: 1274
Galéran de Beaumont
marriage: Alice d'Harcourt
marriage: Margery d'Oilly
title: 1184 - 1203, Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
William de Warenne
birth: 1256, England
marriage: Joan de Vere
death: 9 decembar 1286, England
Joan de Vere
birth: Oxford (England)
marriage: William de Warenne
death: 21 novembar 1293
Eustace DeGreinville
birth: 1184, Hallaton, Leicestershire, England
marriage: Joan ? (DeArsic) , England
death: 1241, England
Joan ? (DeArsic)
birth: 1190, Cogges, Oxfordshire, England
marriage: Eustace DeGreinville , England
death: 1241, Oxfordshire, England
Henri II de Beaumont
marriage: Phillipa Basset
title: 1203 - 1229, Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
Hugh de Courtenay
birth: 25 mart 1251
title: 1274, Baron of Okehampton
death: 28 februar 1292, Colcombe, Devon