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11/1 <?> Gotte [?]


21/2 <1> Hodger (Ogier) (Auchier) (Ajjar) ? (The Dacian) [Dulo Clan]
title: 796 ? 802, King of England, Anglia
death: 817
The sources below give descendance to an Ogier the Dane, but no ascendance. So:


The Europäische Stammtafeln further mentions several theories on their family line. An elder Harald is assumed to have succeeded his brother, Sigifrid, as King of Hedeby in 798. The book places Harald the elder's his death in 804 "killed in battle in the Irish Sea". Harald is assumed to have married Imhild, daughter of Warnechin, Count of Angria and his wife Kunhilde of Rügen. Their children supposedly included not only Halfdan, "third" King of Hedeby (father of Harald Klak and his siblings) but two other sons. The first identified as another Harald ("fourth" King of Hedeby) and the second as Holger.

Another more likely theory exists which links Hodger to the House of Dulo as the brother of Kormesiy (Gorm/Guram) and the son of Tervel (Thorvald) whose brother was also named Ajjar (Hoger) the elder. At this time Denmark or portions thereof were known as Novo Dacia or New Dacia and referred to as such in the sagas and histories of the saints and missionaries.

Possibly related to Person:552975


41/3 <2+?> Auchier (Augier) [-]
birth: 771
32/3 <2> Sveide Augierson [House of Holdger]
death: 832
53/3 <2+?> Vidmar [House of Holdger]
64/3 <2+?> Meurvin (Meurvig) [House of Holdger]


91/4 <4> Turgesius [?]
title: 832 ? 845, Dublin, Ireland, King of Ireland
death: 845
72/4 <3> Hingmar Sviedeson [House of Holdger]
83/4 <3> Svavar [House of Holdger]
104/4 <5> Yvar ? (of the Islands) [House of Holdger]


151/5 <9> Rocco ? [?]
birth: 830?
112/5 <10> Sidhe ? [House of Holdger]
birth: 845, Swyddiod
death: Denmark
133/5 <7> Harold (Arailt) Hringmarson [House of Holdger]
death: ~ 856
124/5 <10> ? (Ivarsdotter, House of Holdger) [?]
Šablon:NeedsourcesAlthough claimed by some to have been the daughter of Ivar the legless... The mother of Sithric Ingjaldsson The Norse conquerer of Dublin would most certainly not have been the daughter of Ivar Ring. With the amount of intermarriage between Picts and Irish introduction of a Nordic strain (The Ring Dynasty) would most certainly have produced generations of individuals in Ireland manifesting the congenital bone condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disease is not present in the offspring of Sithric Ingjaldsson indicating perhaps a Norse/Hebridean Genealogy for this King. The most likely place to search for his parents would be among the earlier immigrants from Norway who settled in the Shetlands and Hebrides or among the Dalriada. I am removing this king from the lineage charts of the Ring family pending further investigations. (Almoustine).
145/5 <8> Svase Holdgerson [House of Holdger]
From the indications of his name and the names of his grandsons. Svase suffered from a condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This condition is hereditary on both the male and female side but manifest mainly in males. The condition is present and common in the later generations of the Scandinavian Ring family who intermarried after migrating from the Rosomoanian region of Sarmatia to Scandinavia. Intermarriage re-inforced the gene. Although history does not preserve his parentage, Svase likely belonged to either the Mikilati/Dagling family or the Rosmanian/Ring family. There is also a possibility that he is a descendant of Ivar Benlaus of Northumbria (of the Rosmanian Ring family). In either case both He and his wife were carriers of the genetic mutation since his daughter was apparently was co-dominant for the condition and produced several sons all manifesting the same bone crippling disease.
166/5 <7> w Rorik ? (of Dorestad) [?]
177/5 <9> Guram (Gorm) [House of Holdger]


211/6 <13> Gudrod Haraldsson van Haithabu [House of Holdger]
birth: ~ 820
marriage: <1> Gisela van Lotharingen [Carolingian] b. 862? d. 907, Bjornstad
death: jun 885, Spijk
gedoopt in Mainz, in aanwezigheid van keizer Lodewijk

852 verlaat de dienst van Lodewijk en plundert Friesland en de omgeving van de Schelde en de Seine

855 moet Friesland opgeven als keizer Lothar het aan zijn zoon geeft maar herovert het in hetzelfde jaar en vestigt zich in Dorestad

856 verliest Rüstringen

882 krijgt delen van Friesland in leen, als “dux”

885 begint een plundertocht in het Rijnland en eist meer bezittingen. Zijn afgezanten worden door de koning overtuigd om hem te vermoorden wat gebeurt tijdens een feestmaal bij Spijk in de Betuwe. Zij verwerven zo zijn graafschappen in Friesland.
202/6 <13> Gottfried ? (the Dane) [-]
birth: 852?
title: Prince of Denmark
death: 885
183/6 <11+?> Harald Gormsson (Parcus) [Ring]
194/6 <14> Snofrid Svasedotter [House of Holdger]
Šablon:NeedsourcesAll of the children of Snaefrid have nicknames that indicate some sort of congenital bone disease which affects the legs.
  • Halvdan Hålegg (Halt-leg)
  • Gudrød Ljome (Lame)
  • Ragnvald Rettilbeine (Rattlebone)
  • Sigurd Rise (Lift)
The name of her father Svase means (The unsteady) and may also have been a nickname indicating that he too was afflicted by the disease. No females have been recorded so it is unknown whether the disease only affected the males.
225/6 <11+12!+17!> Sithric ? (of Dublin) [Norse]
236/6 <13> Olaf Haraldsson (Son of Arailt) [House of Holdger]
247/6 <15> Catalin ? (of Beulan) [?]
258/6 <13> Ivar Haraldsson [House of Holdger]


261/7 <19+?> Сигурд "Хриси" [?]
death: 934
322/7 <19+?> Sigurd ? (A-bush, of Trondheim) [?]
death: 937
273/7 <22> Olaf II (Audloed) [Norse]
birth: Dublin, Ireland
death: 1034
284/7 <19+?> Halfdan Halegg (Haraldsson) [Fairhair]
295/7 <19+?> Gudrod Ljome (Haraldsson) [Fairhair]
306/7 <19+?> Ragnvald Rettilbeine (Haraldsson) [Fairhair]
317/7 <23> Magnus Olafsson [House of Holdger]


341/8 <27> Ragnaid Audlaidsdotter [Norse]
birth: 1031, Dublin, Ireland
332/8 <26> Хальвдан [?]
353/8 <31> Ivar Magnusson [House of Holdger]
364/8 <32> Halvdan Sigurdson [?]