Phillip Amadas b. 1550 d. 1618

Iz projekta Родовид

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Lineage Amadas
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Phillip Amadas


1550 birth: Kingston upon Hull, England

child birth: ? (Metis Daughter of Captain Phillip Amadas) [?]

1618 death: Kingston upon Hull, England



He was the son of a Breton family who had for a century resided in England. He commanded one of the two ships in Arthur Barlow's voyage of discovery to the coast of North Carolina in 1584, undertaken with a view to establishing a permanent colony. They explored New Inlet, and returned with glowing accounts of the grapes, cedars, and other products of the country and of its people. Amidas was in charge of an expedition to Newfoundland a few years later.


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Phillip Amadas
birth: 1550, Kingston upon Hull, England
death: 1618, Kingston upon Hull, England
== 1 ==
Thomas (Pasmere) Carpenter
birth: 1607, Plymouth (Devon), England
occupation: Longhunter
residence: Ohio
immigration: 1627, Jamestown (Virginia), Virginia
census: 1628, Jamestown (Virginia), Virginia, Virginia Early Census: 1628
other: 1635, Shipping Trade Info: Fur
death: 1675, Running Water Village, Tennessee
burial: Nikwasi, Franklin (North Carolina), The Great Mound
birth: 1622, Ohio

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