Susan Lavada Moser (Fulbright) b. 1786

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Lineage Moser
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Susan Lavada Moser
Other last names Fulbright


1786 birth:

marriage: Jacob Bradley Fulbright [Vollbrecht] b. 1786

1817 child birth: Lincoln (North Carolina), Joseph Washington Fulbright [Vollbrecht] b. 1817 d. 22 decembar 1901


There are many redundant and conflicting genealogical entries for Susan Moser, so while it is known that her father was named Jacob Moser and probably born in Germany, without additional specific research I am unable to determine who her mother was or any other specifics, particularly what her relation is to John Moser (Moser, b. 1781? d. 1840?) (brother, cousin?). crabGoblin (talk) 21:37, 26 April 2010 (EEST)

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Jacob Bradley Fulbright
birth: 1786, Lincoln County (North Carolina), United States
marriage: Susan Lavada Moser (Fulbright)
death: Independence County (Arkansas), United States
== 1 ==
Susan Moser (Fulbright)
birth: 1817, North Carolina, United States
marriage: Joseph Washington Fulbright
death: 1885, Arkansas, United States
Joseph Washington Fulbright
birth: 1817, Lincoln (North Carolina)
marriage: Susan Moser (Fulbright)
death: 22 decembar 1901, Mount Pleasant (Arkansas), United States
Richard Jackson Stroud
birth: 26 septembar 1837, Tennessee, United States
marriage: Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
death: 3 februar 1904, Izard County, Arkansas, United States
Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
birth: 1842, Independence County (Arkansas)
marriage: Richard Jackson Stroud

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