Peter Martin b. 8 februar 1740 d. 4 mart 1807

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Lineage Martin
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Peter Martin


8 februar 1740 birth: Prussia, Virginia, Prussia or Virginia

24 februar 1776 child birth: Orange County (Virginia), Virginia, Moses Martin [Martin] b. 24 februar 1776 d. 4 mart 1857

4 mart 1807 death: Clay Village (Kentucky), Shelby County (Kentucky), (on Peter Jr.s farm)


In the "History of Shelby County" it states that Peter Martin's descendants believe, from family lore, that Peter was born in Prussia and came to Jamestown, Virginia, on a small ship of 100 when young, but given his mother Eve, it would seem that is in error. As with many Germans, Peter was a devout Lutheran and his bible, preserved by a Shelby or Henry County, Kentucky historical group, provides much information, but not his birth place. He was described as being short and heavy set by his grandson, usually dressed in blue coat and striped pants..There is a statue of Peter in the museum in Williamsburg, Virginia. His Application for a Pension when he lived in Westmorland County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 70? (80) in 1820, lists his wife as Jane? According to the pension application of Peter's son-in-law, Samuel Jacobs, they entered service from Culpeper County Courthouse & fought together in the Revolutionary War (under Captain George Johnson) and were at the Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown (along with several other Clark ancestors). Family lore also indicated that Peter may have served as an interpreter (German?) for Washington and that he was a sleep walker. At Valley Forge he dreamed his wife had visited and he would return with her. After passing the sleeping sentries he awoke when he stepped into a cold river. Without a counter sign or pass he was in trouble, but he managed to sneak back past the sentries and rejoined his sleeping comrades. (Later in Kentucky he was worried about Indians stealing his fine mare, so again he waIked in his sleep, caught the horse and tied her up in the "stink hole" where she was finally found 4 days later). In 1916, Stella B. Caughlin of Corydon, Indiana, inquired about his Revolutionary War file. In DAR National Application Number 771856 it is stated that Peter furnished military supplies at first and then served as a private in the Culpeper County Militia, Virginia under Captain Georg Johnson in January 1781, which makes his Valley Forge lore a little doubtful. In 1782 he moved to Shelby County, Kentucky. In Kentucky he found the Indians troublesome (thefts). Here again he sleep walked with his prize mare and hid it and only later realized he had been on another night trip. His marriage to Sarah was listed in his bible. Peter probably moved to Shelby County in 1788. After Peters death, Mary lived with their son Peter, Jr. Most of the Martins settled in Washington County, Indiana, (probably Jackson Township, along with many Clark ancestors. According to County files Peter owned 100 acres of land on Tick Creek in Shelby County in 1796 and also that he sold 574 acres on Tick Creek to Crawley in January 1827.

See "Pete Martin and Descendants", 1989, Higginson Books

Another history:

Peter Martin was the son of John Joseph Merten who was of the group of German settlers brought to Virginia by Governor Spotswood from about fifty miles west of Cologne, Germany, to work as ironmongers for him. They were indentured for eight years at the iron works in Germanna, Virginia. Because of the harsh treatment at the hands of Governor Spotswood, after about five years they ignored their indenture and fled about twenty miles into the wilderness where they established the colony of Germantown. Peter Martin served in the militia from Culpeper County, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War. He was in Captain George Johnson's company and served from January 1781 until at least October of the same year after seeing Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown. Governor Thomas Jefferson ordered the mobilization of the Virginia Militia to repel Cornwallis' invasion of the Old Dominion State. Peter left his wife and ten children to go off and fight for independence. When he came home he was the father of twelve children. Sarah had given birth to twins on September 4, 1781. Family tradition says that Peter Martin served as an interpreter on Washington's staff and that he was at Valley Forge. I have found no proof of this yet.


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Sarah Redding
birth: 1743, England
death: 13 jul 1830, Clay Village (Kentucky)
Peter Martin
birth: 8 februar 1740, Prussia, Virginia, Prussia or Virginia
death: 4 mart 1807, Clay Village (Kentucky), Shelby County (Kentucky), (on Peter Jr.s farm)
== 1 ==
Sarah Singleton
birth: 15 oktobar 1771, Virginia
death: 3 jul 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana
Moses Martin
birth: 24 februar 1776, Orange County (Virginia), Virginia
marriage count: avgust 1792
death: 4 mart 1857, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana
Polly (Mary Ann) Martin
birth: 23 mart 1794, Jessamine County (Kentucky), USA,,_Kentucky

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