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[уреди] Electric Cigarettes and Other Products Which Can Aid Smokers

Electric cigarettes, nicotine patches and gums. These three are not considered to be the best solutions for smokers who want to stop smoking. However, many question their efficacy if the people involved are not strictly compliant with the systems. These will only work if the person is determined to finally stop when they finally get off the habit. The question of going back should not be blamed on these products.

Electric cigarettes were first released to the public in 2003 only and this is not really considered an aid against smoking. Instead, this is a cigarette substitute for those smokers who do not want to get kicked out of a place because of the harsh smell and potentially risky second hand smoke which usually go hand in hand with lit cigarettes. This is a non-prescriptive alternative to the patches and gums. It still contains nicotine as well, but instead of the 4000 deadly compounds in one cigarette tip, this only contains 40 harmless compounds. But the cartridge can still contain nicotine available in graduated levels of strengths, and there are the zero nicotine cartridges. There is no real smoke to speak of either; the atomizer vaporizes the water in the gadget making it look like real smoke. The gadget is electronically powered by a lithium powered battery which is rechargeable, similar to the cell phone. The smoking experience remains the same, however, including the taste of nicotine in the zero-nicotine cartridge.

The nicotine patches were really the first to be marketed and use in the medical field to control nicotine addiction. These were at first only prescriptive but now they are available over-the-counter. The patches were seen to be a very safe way to steadily provide the body with the nicotine and the weaning off period only resulted to milder withdrawal symptoms. The usual program consists of about ten weeks of gradual reduction of levels of nicotine introduced into the body until such time as when the lowest or zero level was reached. This program is cheaper compared to buying months worth of cigarette packs. Unfortunately, diabetic smokers cannot use the nicotine patches and are instead recommended to use the electric cigarettes instead.

The nicotine gums were soon introduced right after the nicotine patches were. These chewing gum products can deliver the nicotine into the blood stream after chewing in the mouth. The nicotine enters the blood stream through the soft tissues in the oral cavity and there is the experience of tingling when this happens. The users are told to tuck in the gum into their cheeks to rest and then another chewing activity until all the nicotine is gone. There are some other side effects not related to nicotine but to the gum itself like the caps on the teeth can get damaged. There are some who developed soft tissue disease in the mouth as well.

The electric cigarettes and the nicotine patch are actually the favorites these days, especially as the gadget does not result to any unwanted side effects and it is safe for the smoker to use.

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