Rr C Sri Rusdiarni - Цело породично стабло

Из пројекта Родовид

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This tree contains: 1 families with 2 people in 2 lineages, 1 of these people are blood relatives; 0 families with 0 people are hidden.

== 1 ==
Raden P C Sudarno Doyosaputro
Рођење: Level 4 = Canggah dari Raden Ngabei Tohpati I(Trah Raden Trenggono nama gelar Sultan Alam Akbar III Demak Bintoro) atau putera ke 18 dari 19 putera puteri Raden Nganten Tohpati (nunggak semi asma)
Свадба: Rr C Sri Rusdiarni
== 1 ==