Gafran ap Aeddan - Цело породично стабло

Из пројекта Родовид

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This tree contains: 4 families with 50 people in 9 lineages, 26 of these people are blood relatives; 1 families with 1 people are hidden.

Fiacha Sraibhtine
Смрт: ~ 322, Ferrach, County Meath
Niall mac Echach (Noí-giallach)
Свадба: Rígnach Ingen Meadaib ? (Meadaib)
Свадба: Inne ingen Lugaid
Титуле : 379, High King of Ireland
Смрт: 405, English channel, Killed by Eochaid, son of Enna Cennselach
Сахрана: Ochann, now known as Faughan Hill in County Meath
Muiredach Tirech
Смрт: ~ 356
(Eugene I) Eochaid Mugmeddon (Ethedius)
Титуле : 357, High King of Ireland
Смрт: 365, Tara
Смрт: 376
Loeguiri mac Néill
Титуле : 428, High King of Ireland
Смрт: 458, Grellach da Phil
Fergus I (Fíachra) Mugmedon
Смрт: died at Ferrach in Meath
Brión MacEchach (Muigmedóin)
Смрт: slain at a second Battle of Damchluain
Fergus II (Fiachu) MacErcdach (More)
Место становања : Exoldunum, Gallia
Место становања : Saxonia Minorus, Transalpine Gaul
Титуле : изм 480 и 501, King of Dalriada
Смрт: Feargus Mor mac Earca cum gente Dal Riada partem Britaniae tenuit, et ibi mortuus est.
Duach Galach ? (Dauí Tenga Uma)
Вера : Christianity
Смрт: 500
Domangart MacFergus (Reiti)
Рођење: < 493, Present at the Death of St Patrick
Смрт: 507
Muirchertach mac Muiredaich
Титуле : 503, High King of Ireland
Смрт: 534, near Brú na Bóinne, ed in a vat of wine, burned by fire, and crushed by a falling roof beam
Gabrán mac Domangairt
Титуле : 558, Dalriadic Kingship
Domnall mac Muirchertaig
Титуле : 558, High King of Ireland, Held jointly with his brother Fergus
Смрт: 561
Fergus mac Muirchertaig
Титуле : 558, High King of Ireland, Held jointly with his brother Domnall
Смрт: 561
Baedan mac Muirechertaig
Титуле : 561, High King of Ireland, Held jointly with his nephew Eochu
Смрт: 563
Aedan (Doungallas) MacGabrain (Dalriada)
Рођење: 535
Други догађај: Áedán was decisively defeated by Æthelfrith of Bernicia at the Battle of Degsastan
Свадба: Brangaidh ? (MacEchdach, Uí Felmeda)
Титуле : изм 574 и 608, King of Dal Riata
Смрт: 17 април 609
== 8 ==
Eochaid Buide
Смрт: 629
Brandub MacBrandub (Uí Felmeda)
Други догађај: King of Leinster
== 8 ==