James Ayscough (Ascough) b. јул 1585 d. 1620 - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> James Ayscough (Ascough) [Ayscough]
Рођење: јул 1585, Ormskirk, England
Смрт: 1620


21/2 <1+?> Hannah Ayscough (Newton, Smith) [Ayscough]
Рођење: 1623, Market Overton, Rutland, England
Смрт: 4 јун 1679, Colsterworth, Lincolnshire (England)


41/3 <2+?> Ісаак Ньютон [Newton]
Рођење: 4 јануар 1643, Вулсторп-бай-Колстерворт
Смрт: 31 март 1727, Лондон
52/3 <2+?> Бенджамін Сміт [Сміт]
Рођење: 1651
63/3 <2+?> Мері Сміт [Сміт]
Рођење: 1651
34/3 <2+?> Hannah Smith [Smith]
Рођење: 1652, North Witham, Lincolnshire (England)


71/4 <3+?> Catherine Barton [Barton]
Рођење: 1679
Смрт: 1739
The toast of the Kit-cat Club in honor of Miss Barton (attributed to Charles Montague)

Beauty and Wit strove each, in vain,

To vanquish Bacchus and his Train;

But Barton with successful Charms

From both their Quivers drew her Arms;

The roving God his Sway resigns,

And awfully submits his Vines.

Stampt with her reigning

Charms, this Standard Glass

Shall current through the

Realms of Bacchus pass;

Full fraught with beauty shall new

Flames impart,

And mint her shining

Image on the Heart.
82/4 <3+?> Маргарет Бартон [Barton] 93/4 <3+?> Роберт Бартон [Barton]


101/5 <7+?> Montagu Barton (Sr) [Montagu]
Рођење: ~ 1700
Шаблон:Link-type:Make-believeGiven over to Guardianship of his uncle Jeffrey Barton.

The official biography of Montagu, commissioned by the legal heir of Charles Montague states:

"after the death of his wife in 1698, his Lordship took a Resolution of living single thence forward, and cast his Eye upon the Widow of one Colonel Barton, and the Neice to the famous Sir Isaac Newton, to be Super-intendant of his domestick Affairs. But as this Lady was young, beautiful, and gay, so those that were given to censure, pass'd a Judgement upon her which she no Ways merited, since she was a Woman of strict Honour and Virtue; and tho’ she might be agreeable to his Lordship in every Particular, that noble Peer's Complaisance to her, proceeded wholly from the great Esteem he had for her Wit and most exquisite Understanding, as will appear from what relates to her in his Will at the Close of these Memoirs."

There are two errors in this statement. First, is to name Barton as the widow of Colonel Barton who was in fact her brother and guardian of young Montagu; Second, to claim a platonic relationship between Barton and Montague. A later court case was filed on behalf of Montague Barton to claim heritage denied on grounds of perjury and conspiracy to deprive.
112/5 <8+1> Ісаак Ворнер [Ворнери]


121/6 <10> Montagu Barton (Jr) [Montagu]
Рођење: 16 септембар 1717
Смрт: 1790
132/6 <11> Джон Ворнер [Ворнери]
був капітаном


141/7 <12+?+?> Anne Dorothy Barton [Montagu]
Рођење: 1756, Stourton (England)
Крштење: 1756, Stourton (England)
162/7 <13+2> Гаррієт Ворнер [Ворнери]
Рођење: 1789
Свадба: <3> Джон Шерман Елліотт [Елліотти] b. 8 децембар 1783 d. 1852
Смрт: 9 фебруар 1884
153/7 <12+?> Robert Montagu Barton [Montagu]
Смрт: 1792


171/8 <14+?> David Porter [Porter]
Титуле : Commodore (U.S. Revolutionary War)
182/8 <16+3> Шарль Джон Елліотт [Елліотти]