Shallumahhe ? (Shallum-Ahhe) b. изм -1960 и -1945 - Индекс потомака

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11/1 <?> Shallumahhe ? (Shallum-Ahhe) [?]
Рођење: изм -1960 и -1945, King of Assyria


21/2 <1> Ilushuma ? (Ilu-shuma) [Asher]
Титуле : изм -1945 и -1906, King of Assyria
contemporary of Samuabum of Babylonia The life of this king may have been a source of legends regarding the biblical Isaac whose sons Jacob and Esau co-inherited his kingdom. It is interesting to note however that this king and his two sons predate Person:79267 the person most likely to have been the source of inspiration for the Biblical Abraham.


41/3 <2> Sargon I ? (Sharru-ken, Salitis) [Asher]
Титуле : изм -1920 и -1881, King of Assyria
Not to be confused with Person:175108 or Person:535585

Contemporary of Person:626757

Contemporary with the following court officials:

  • Irišum son of Iddin-Aššur
  • Aššur-malik son of Agatum
  • Aššur-malik son of Enania
  • Ibisua son of Suen-nada
  • Bazia son of Bal-Tutu
  • Puzur-Ištar son of Sabasia
  • Pišaḫ-Ili son of Adin
  • Asqudum son of Lapiqum
  • Ili-pilaḫ son of Damqum
  • Qulali
  • Susaya
  • Amaya the Weaponer
  • Ipḫurum son of Ili-ellat
  • Kudanum son of Laqipum
  • Ili-bani son of Ikunum
  • Šu-Kubum son of Susaya
  • Quqidi son of Amur-Aššur
  • Abia son of Nur-Suen
  • Šu-Ištar son of Šukutum
  • Bazia son of Šepa-lim
  • Šu-Ištar son of Ikunum, the starlike (kakkabanum)
  • Abia son of Šu-Dagan
  • Salia son of Šabakuranum
  • Ibni-Adad son of Baqqunum
  • Aḫmarši son of Malkum-išar
  • Sukkalia son of Minanum
  • Iddin-Aššur son of Kubidi
  • Šudaya son of Ennanum
  • Al-ṭab son of Pilaḫ-Aššur
  • Aššur-dammiq son of Abarsisum
  • Puzur-Niraḫ son of Puzur-Suen
  • Amur-Aššur son of Karria
  • Buzuzu son of Ibbi-Suen
  • Šu-Ḫubur son of Elali
  • Ilšu-rabi son of Bazia
  • Alaḫum son of Inaḫ-ili
  • Ṭab-Aššur son of Suḫarum
  • Elali son of Ikunum
  • Iddin-abum son of Narbitum
  • Adad-bani son of Iddin-Aššur
  • Aššur-iddin son of Šuli
32/3 <2> w Эришум I [Asher]
Титуле : изм -1906 и -1867, King of Assyria


51/4 <3> Ikunum ? (Ilkanum) [Asher]
Титуле : изм -1867 и -1860
BC dates are based on a date of 1833 BC for the recorded solar eclipse in the limmu of Puzur-Ištar

Contemporary of Person:458406, and the following court officials:

  • Buzi son of Adad-rabi
  • Šuli son of Šalmah
  • Iddin-Suen son of Šalmah
  • Ikunum son of Šudaya
  • Dan-Wer son of Ahu-ahi
  • Šu-Anum from Nerabtim
  • Il-massu son of Aššur-ṭab
  • Šu-Hubur son of Šuli
  • Idua son of Ṣulili
  • Laqip son of Puzur-Laba
  • Šu-Anum the hapirum
  • Uku son of Bila
  • Aššur-malik son of Panaka
  • Dan-Aššur son of Puzur-Wer
  • Šu-Kubum son of Ahu-ahi
  • Irišum son of Iddin-Aššur
62/4 <4> Puzurasher II (Piyushti) ? (Puzur-Asher) [Asher]
Титуле : изм -1865 и -1857, King of Assyria
Contemporary of Person:618033

BC dates are based on a date of 1833 BC for the recorded solar eclipse in the limum of Puzur-Ištar. Ilulim priests during the reign of Puzur-Ashur II were as follows:

  • 1865 Aššur-iddin son of Šuli
  • 1864 Aššur-nada son of Puzur-Ana
  • 1863 Kubia son of Karria
  • 1862 Ili-dan son of Elali
  • 1861 Ṣilulu son of Uku
  • 1860 Aššur-nada son of Ili-binanni
  • 1859 Ikuppi-Ištar son of Ikua
  • 1858 Buzutaya son of Šuli
  • 1857 Innaya son of Amuraya


71/5 <5> Ilibani ? (Ili-bani) [Asher]
Титуле : -1891, Ilimmum Priest
92/5 <5> Elali [Asher]
Титуле : -1868, Ilimmum Priest
83/5 <5> Suishtar Kakkabanum (Šu-Ištar) [Asher]
Титуле : 1885, Ilimmum Priest
Сахрана: Toyserkan, Ecbatana
104/5 <6> Naram-Suen II ? (Son of Puzur-Ashur II) [Aseraph]


111/6 <9> Ila-kabkabu A ? (Abrahabu) [?]
Други догађај: -1880, Prince of Assyria
Although appearing in histories as the father of Abraham (Shamsi-Adad) it is apparent that Shamsi was his successor but that the relationship was actually that of Uncle and Nephew. In Genesis it is said that Abraham returned to the household of his mother which would have been the kingdom of Edom where his uncle Ilakabu was the ruler.
142/6 <10> Erishum II [Aseraph]
Титуле : изм -1819 и -1814, King of Assyria
123/6 <8> w Sakir-Har II ? (Heka-Khawaset, Salitis) [15th Dynasty - Egypt]
134/6 <8> w Salitis ? (Hyksos) [15th Dynasty - Egypt]


161/7 <12+13!+?> Eumolpus (Eumolpsus) ? (The Syrian) [House of Mopsus]
Други догађај: Rite of Nammu
Rite of Nammu - The rite of Nammu is a consecration ceremony wherein the child or heir apparent is drawn from the water as a gift of the Goddess Nammu

Said to be the son of Pharaoh or (Mythologically, Poseidon)

His mother, Chione, was the daughter of Boreas and the Oreithya of Attis. According to the tradition in Apollodorus (3.15.4), Chione, after having given birth to Eumolpus in secret, threw the child into the sea. Pharoah, however, took him up, and had him educated in Ethiopia by his daughter Benthesicyma.
172/7 <11> w Shamshi-Adad I ? (Shamshiadad) [?]
Титуле : изм -1813 и -1781, King of Assyria
153/7 <12+13!+?> Khyan (Qareh) (Kareh) ? (of Hyksos) [15th Dynasty - Egypt]
Титуле : изм -1610 и -1580, Pharaoh
From Wikipedia...

The name, Khyan, generally has been "interpreted as Amorite Hayanu (reading h-ya-a-n) which the Egyptian form represents perfectly, and this is in all likelihood the correct interpretation...Khyan's name was not original and had been in use for centuries prior to the fifteenth Hyksos Dynasty. The name Hayanu is recorded in the Assyrian king list [see Khorsabad List I, 17 and the SDAS List, I, 16] as a remote ancestor of Shamshi-Adad I (c.1800 BC). Khyan's name is transcribed as Staan in Africanus' version of Manetho's Epitome.
184/7 <12+?+13!> Benthesicyma ? (Bithiah) [15th Dynasty - Egypt]


241/8 <17> Ishme-Dagan I [?]
Титуле : изм -1790 и -1751, King of Assyria
232/8 <17> Yasmah Adad [First Babylonian Dynasty]
Титуле : -1762, King of Marad
193/8 <15> w Khamudi ? (Hyksos) [15th Dynasty - Egypt]
Титуле : изм -1540 и -1530
204/8 <15> Yanassi ? (Sheshi) [15th Dynasty - Egypt] 215/8 <16> Ampycus [House of Mopsus]
226/8 <16> w Amphilochus [House of Mopsus]
257/8 <16> Akastos [?]
Джерельна довідка за населеним пунктом