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11/1 John Bradburne [Bradburne]


21/2 <1> Agnes Bradburne [Bradburne]


31/3 <2+?> Humphrey Okeover [Okeover]
Смрт: 5 април 1538


41/4 <3+?> Philip of Okeover Hall. Okeover (of Okeover Hall) [Okeover]
Други догађај: 1536


51/5 <4+?> Philip Okeover [Okeover]
Смрт: 1604


61/6 <5+?> Janet (Jane) Okeover [Okeover]


71/7 <6+1> Anne (Elizabeth) Ashley [Ashley]
Рођење: England, Winbourne St. Giles, Dorset
Смрт: 20 јул 1628


81/8 <7+?> (Sir) Anthony Ashley-Cooper [Ashley-Cooper]
Рођење: 22 јул 1621, England
Вера : Unitarian
Место становања : 1646, Barbados
Титуле : 1669, Lord Proprietor of Carolina
_FA2: 1681, Arrested for high treason - (Charges Dismissed)
Смрт: 22 јануар 1683, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gout of the stomach

While Anthony was christened Ashley-Cooper, his siblings and their descendants remained Coopers.

He drew up a will on January 17, 1683.

On January 20, in a conversation with Robert Ferguson, who had accompanied him to Amsterdam, he professed himself a closet Arian with decided Unitarian leanings.