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11/1 <?+?> Walter (Wouter) FitzHugh (Beauchamp of Elmley) [Beauchamp]


21/2 <1+?> William Beauchamp [Beauchamp]
Титуле : Sheriff of Elmley
Смрт: 1170


41/3 <2+?> William Beauchamp [Beauchamp]
Смрт: < 1212
32/3 <2+?> Maud Beauchamp (of Elmley) [Beauchamp]


51/4 <4+?> Walter Beauchamp (of Elmley) [Beauchamp]
Титуле : Governor of Hanley Castle
Смрт: 1235
62/4 <3+?> Robert Marmion (of Witringham) [Marmion]
Смрт: 1241
73/4 <3+?> Robert Marmion (of Tamworth Scrivelsby) [Marmion]
Смрт: ~ 1242


81/5 <5+?> Walter (Walcheline) Beauchamp [Beauchamp]
Рођење: 12 јануар 1236
92/5 <6+?> William Marmion [Marmion]
Смрт: 1275
103/5 <6+7!+?> Phillip Marmion (of Scrivelslby) [Marmion]
Титуле : Sheriff of Warwickshire
Смрт: <5 децембар 1291


111/6 <8+?> William Beauchamp (of Elmley) [Beauchamp]
Рођење: Warwick (England), Warwickshire, England
Титуле : 5th Baron Elmsley
Смрт: 7 јануар 1268
122/6 <9+?> John Marmion (of Tanfield) [Marmion]
Смрт: 7 мај 1322
133/6 <10+?> Macerie Marmion (of Scrivelsby) [Marmion]
Свадба: <1> Ralph Cromwell (of West Hallam) [Cromwell] d. <18 септембар 1289


141/7 <11+?> William de Beauchamp (Comte de Warwick) [Beauchamp]
Рођење: 1238, Warwick (Angleterre)
Титуле : Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
Смрт: 5 јун 1298, Elmley, Glouchester, England
152/7 <12+?> (Lord) John Marmion (of Tanfield) [Marmion]
Рођење: 1292
Смрт: 30 април 1335
173/7 <11+?> John Beauchamp (of Holt, Worcestershire) [Beauchamp]
Рођење: ~ 1297
164/7 <11+?> Walter Beauchamp (of Powick and Alcester) [Beauchamp]
Смрт: 1303
185/7 <13+1> Joan de Cromwell [Cromwell]


191/8 <14+?> Guy de Beauchamp (Comte de Warwick) [Beauchamp]
Рођење: 1 јануар 1278, Warwick (Angleterre)
Титуле : Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
Свадба: <3> Alice de Tosny [Tosny] b. 1284 d. 1 јануар 1323
Смрт: 10 април 1315, Warwick (Angleterre)
Шаблон:Modèle:Source nécessaire Quel est le bon lieu de naissance ?
242/8 <16+?> Roger Beauchamp [Beauchamp]
Рођење: 1301, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, England

Шаблон:Needsources BARONY of BEAUCHAMP of Bletsoe

Roger Beauchamp, of Bletsoe, co. Bedford, and of Lydirard Tregoz, Wilts, sometimes said to be a younger son of Giles Beauchamp (living 1346), son of Walter Beauchamp, of Powick, co. Worcester, who was a younger son of William Beauchamp, of Elmley, by Isabel Mauduit, heiress of the Earls of Warwick. He is described as King's Yeoman on 24 Apr 1337. Keeper of Devizes Castle, granted to him be Queen Philippe as "her bachelor", 26 Oct 1340. As early as 1346 he served in the French wars; was made CAPTAIN OF CALAIS in 1372. He was summoned to Parliament from 1 Jun 1363 to 20 Oct 1379, by writs directed Rogero de Bello Campo, whereby he may be held to have become LORD BEAUCHAMP. He was Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1376-77.

He m., 1stly, before 1336/7 (on 6 Jan 1248/9 the manor of Lydiard Tregoz was confirmed to him and his wife), Sybil, 1st of the four sisters and coheirs of Sir William PATSHULL, daughter of Sir John PATSHULL, of Bletsoe aforesaid, by Mabel, daughter and in her issue coheir of William de GRANDSON [LORD GRANDSON], of Lydiard Tregoz. She, who was living 26 Oct 1351, was buried at the Blackfriars, London. Esch. 1359. He m., 2ndly, Margaret. He d. 3 Jan 1379/80. Will dated 19 Dec 1379, reg. at Lincoln, directing his burial to be at the Blackfriars (ax). His 2nd wife survived him. [Complete Peerage II:44-45, XIV:75]

His will shows that his grandfather was Sir Walter Beauchamp.

Note [by Douglas Richardson]: Roger de Beauchamp is typically identified in print as the son of Giles de Beauchamp, Knt., of Alcester and Powick. This parentage is not possible, as Giles and Roger are known to have been contemporaries to one another. Roger's will dated 1379 states that he was "bound to do a service on the Infidels, by devise of my grandsire, Sir Walter Beauchamp, to the expense of 200 marks." [Reference: Nicolas, Testamenta Vetusta, 1 (1826): 103-104]. The name Walter de Beauchamp is evidently a scribal error. Rather, Roger's grandfather appears to have been William de Beauchamp, whose 1269 will left a bequest (or devise) of 200 marks to his son, Walter, for the purpose of making a piligrimage [Reference: N.H. Nicolas, Testamenta Vestusta, 1 (1826): 50-51]. Identifying Roger as Walter's son and William's grandson fits the known chronology of this family. It also agrees with the 1566 Visitation of Bedfordshire cited below which records Roger as Walter's son and William's grandson.
233/8 <18+2> Baldwin de Freville [Freville]
Смрт: ~ 1344
214/8 <16+?> Giles Beauchamp (of Alcester & Powyke) [Beauchamp]
Смрт: октобар 1361
205/8 <15+?> Avice Marmion [Marmion]
226/8 <14+?> Isabel Beauchamp (Daughter of 1st Earl Warwick) [Beauchamp]
257/8 <14> Sarah Beauchamp [Beauchamp]