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11/1 <?+?> Vidmar [House of Holdger]


21/2 <1> Yvar ? (of the Islands) [House of Holdger]


31/3 <2> Sidhe ? [House of Holdger]
Рођење: 845, Swyddiod
Смрт: Denmark
42/3 <2> ? (Ivarsdotter, House of Holdger) [?]
Шаблон:NeedsourcesAlthough claimed by some to have been the daughter of Ivar the legless... The mother of Sithric Ingjaldsson The Norse conquerer of Dublin would most certainly not have been the daughter of Ivar Ring. With the amount of intermarriage between Picts and Irish introduction of a Nordic strain (The Ring Dynasty) would most certainly have produced generations of individuals in Ireland manifesting the congenital bone condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disease is not present in the offspring of Sithric Ingjaldsson indicating perhaps a Norse/Hebridean Genealogy for this King. The most likely place to search for his parents would be among the earlier immigrants from Norway who settled in the Shetlands and Hebrides or among the Dalriada. I am removing this king from the lineage charts of the Ring family pending further investigations. (Almoustine).


51/4 <3+4!+?> Sithric ? (of Dublin) [Norse]


61/5 <5> Olaf II (Audloed) [Norse]
Рођење: Dublin, Ireland
Смрт: 1034


71/6 <6> Ragnaid Audlaidsdotter [Norse]
Рођење: 1031, Dublin, Ireland


81/7 <7+?> w Gruffydd ? (ap Cynan) [Caernarvon]
Рођење: 1055
Титуле : изм 1081 и 1137, King of Gwynedd
Смрт: 1137


91/8 <8> Gwenllian / vch Gruffydd [Caernarvon]
Рођење: 1085, Caernarfon, Wales, formerly : Caernarvon
102/8 <8+?> Owain (Eugenius) Gwynedd (ap Gruffydd) [Gwynedd]
Рођење: 1100, Anglesey, Wales
Титуле : изм 1130 и 1174, King of Gwynedd
Смрт: 23 децембар 1170
His epithet is explained by the existence of another Owain ap Gruffudd, known as Owain Cyfeiliog.

He married, firstly, Gwladys, the daughter of Llywarch ap Trahaearn; and secondly, Christina, his cousin, the daughter of Goronwy ap Owain ‘the Traitor,’ Lord of Tegeingle, to whom he remained constant despite the active disapproval of the Church. He had eight sons (Iowerth, Rhun, Cynan, Iefan, Maelgwn, Madog, Rotpert & Idwal) and two daughters (Gwenllian wife of Owain Cyfeiliog and another) by the first lady; and two sons (Dafydd and Rhodri) and one daughter (Angharad wife of Gruffudd Maelor I) by the latter. He also had another relationship with Pyfog of Ireland, by whom he had a son, Hywel.
113/8 <8+?> Susanna Verch Gruffydd [Caernarvon] 124/8 <8+?> Cadwallon ? (ap Gruffydd) [?]