Henrique Alemao - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 Henrique Alemao [Jagiellon]
Место становања : Madeira, Cabo Girão
Титуле : Knight of Saint Catherine
Титуле : Prince of Poland
Свадба: <1> Владислав III Варнcкий Ягеллон [Jagiellonen] b. 31 октобар 1424 d. 10 новембар 1444, <2> Ana Enriques (Avis) [Aviz]

Contemporary of Prester John

Which Henry?

Although Henry the Navigator is traditionallyШаблон:Ref! associated with the expansion of Portuguese interests in Socotra and Ethiopia, dates for these events make is unlikely that Henry the Navigator was the individual who aided Queen Elena of Ethiopia in slowing the advance of the Ottoman Empire in that region. Henry the Navigator died in 1460 years before Elena wrote to the court of Portugal seeking an alliance. The most likely Henry (of Madiera) who was appointed the captaincy was Henry the German the son in law of Henry the NavigatorШаблон:Ref!.


21/2 <1+1+2> Sigismund Henriques (de Girão) [Henriques]
Рођење: Madeira
32/2 <1+1+2> Alves Henriques (de Girao) [Henriques]
Джерельна довідка за населеним пунктом