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11/1 <?+?> Brychan (Broccán) ? (of Manau-Gododdin) [?]
Рођење: Isle of Man
Место становања : Broccán, Renamed the township of Garthmadrun to Brycheiniog
Шаблон:Place name error


According to HagiographyШаблон:Ref! Brychan was born in Ireland, the son of a Prince Anlach, son of Coronac, and his wife, Marchel, heiress of the Welsh kingdom of Garthmadrun (Brycheiniog), which the couple later inherited.


21/2 <1> w Nefyn ach Brychan [?]


31/3 <2+1> w Urien de Rheged [?]
Титуле : roi de Rheged


41/4 <3> w Rhiwallon fab Urien [?]
52/4 <3> w Morfydd Ferch Urien [?]
63/4 <3> Pasgen fab Urien [?]
74/4 <3> w Rhun mab Urien [?]
85/4 <3> w Owain mab Urien [?]


91/5 <8> w Elffin ab Owain [?]
102/5 <8+?> w Kentigern de Glasgow ? (Mungo) [?]