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11/1 ? ? (of Ulhasa) [?]
Aisha bin Nusayr, р. 685 ум. 717 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Aisha-bin-Nusayr/6000000033234268701


31/2 <1+1> Abutaurek ? (Abu Tawr, Tariq ibn Ziyad) [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: 689
Рођење: 29 април 711, Landing in Gibraltar (Jabal al Tariq)
Титуле : Governor of Tangier
Смрт: 720
см.также wikipedia:Abu_Taur_of_Huesca

Abü Tawr ibn Qasi, valí de Huesca, р. между 695 и 749 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Ab%C3%BC-Tawr-ibn-Qasi-val%C3%AD-de-Huesca/6000000003137170007

Existence confirmed by Witiza, Visigothic king of Toledo whose his sons were allies of Taric against the Visigothic King Roderic.

Существование подтвердил Витиза, вестготский король Толедо, чьи сыновья были союзниками Тарика против вестготовского короля Родерика.
22/2 <1+1> Fortún Ibn Qasi [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: 700
Фамилијарно стање: Saragosse, wali de Saragosse
Свадба: <2> Assima Al Lakhmi [Lakhmi] b. ~ 713
см.также wikipedia:fr:Fortún ibn Qasi Governor/Wali of ZARAGOSA Fortun ibn Qasi Ibn Musa al Qasaw, Linaje Banu Qasi, р. 713 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Fort%C3%BAn-ibn-Qasi-val%C3%AD-de-Zaragoza/6000000012262946239
43/2 <1+1> Abusalam (Solomon) ? (Abu Salam) [Banu Qasi]
Abü Salama ibn Qasi, р. между 659 и 749 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Abu-Salama-ibn-Qasi/6000000012262684414
54/2 <1+1> Yunus (Jonas)(Johannes) [Banu Qasi]
Yünus ibn Qasi, р. между 659 и 749 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Y%C3%BCnus-ibn-Qasi/6000000012262645743


61/3 <2+2> Musa ibn Fortun de Zaragoza [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: < 740
Свадба: <3> Onneca Tudela [Tudela]
Смрт: 801
см. также wikipedia:fr:Musa ibn Fortún Muza Ibn Fortún ibn Qasi, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo y de Tudela, р. ок. 740 ум. 802 - по https://www.geni.com/people/Muza-ibn-Qasi-val%C3%AC-de-Zaragoza-Arnedo-y-de-Tudela/6000000012229586298
72/3 <4> Marzuq ? (ibn Uskara) [Banu Salama]


81/4 <6+3> Musá II ibn Musá (al-Qawasi) [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: 775
Свадба: <4> Ψ ещё 2 Жены [?]
Свадба: <5> Assona Iñiguez [Íñiga] b. > 790
Смрт: 26 септембар 862
Musa Ibn Musa lbn Qasaw, Walí de Tudela y Huesca y Zaragoza - по https://www.geni.com/people/Musa-Ibn-Musa-lbn-Qasaw-Wal%C3%AD-de-Tudela-y-Huesca-y-Zaragoza/6000000012263275369

Musa was the maternal half-brother of Inigo Arista

A History of Aragon and Catalonia - H. J. Chaytor

Musa II, maintained his independence against both Franks and Arabs. Independence apart, the Beni-Kasim had no definite policy; they fought against the Count of Barcelona, against the Christians of Castile and the Arabs of Córdoba, and their alliances were as varied as their hostilities; they lent support to the renegades of Toledo, Muslim subjects of Visigothic origin, who forced the Emir of Córdoba to recognize their independence in 873, under payment of an annual tribute. Musa styled himself "the third King of Spain," and was respected or feared by all his neighbours: Charles the Bald was willing to send him presents. On his death in 862, the Emir of Córdoba overpowered this kingdom, but was soon driven out by the Beni-Kasim in alliance with Alfonso III of Leon, who had even entrusted them with the education of his son Ordoño.
112/4 <6+3> Mutarrif Ier [Banu Qasi]
Фамилијарно стање: Pampelune, wali de Pampelune
Смрт: 799, Pampelune
93/4 <6+3> Fortún ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]
Смрт: 801
104/4 <7> Bahlul (Borell) ? (ibn Marzuq) [Banu Salama]
Место становања : Huesca
Смрт: 802
125/4 <6+3> Ψ ещё Несколько [?]


131/5 <8+5> w Lubb II ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: 800
Свадба: <6> Ayab Al-Bulatiya [Al-Bulatiya]
142/5 <8+5> Awriya ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]
Рођење: 810проц
Свадба: <7> García [?] d. 859
153/5 <8+5> Mutarrif ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]
Титуле : Gobernador de Pamplona
Свадба: <8> Velasquita Garcés [Íñiga]
Смрт: 873, Cruicified in Cordoba
164/5 <8+5> Fortún ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]
175/5 <8+5> Ismael ibn Musa [Banu Qasi]


181/6 <13+6> Muhammad ibn Lope [Banu Qasi]
Смрт: 862
192/6 <14+7> Musa [Banu Qasi]
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