Argicius Gallus (of Aedui) b. 240проц d. 270проц - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 Argicius Gallus (of Aedui) [Arborius]
Рођење: 240проц
Место становања : 267, Aquæ Tarbellæ, or Tarbellieæ
Смрт: 270проц, 30 years old


21/2 <1> Cecilius Argicius [Arborius]


31/3 <2+?> Daughter of Amelia Dryada [Arborius]
Рођење: Aquae Tarbellae
42/3 <2+?> Amelia Hilaria [Arborius]
53/3 <2+?> Aemilius Magnus [Arborius]
Friends included Dalmatius and Hannibalianus half brothers of Constantine I

and Constantine himself.

He may have had a sister named Helena

Possibly a descendant of Decimus Aburius Bassus consul suffectus in A.D. 85.

Certainly a relative.
64/3 <2+?> Aemilia Aeonia [Arborius]


71/4 <6+?> Decimius Magnus (Ausonius) [Beaton]
Рођење: 310, Bordeaux, then : Burdigalla
Титуле : 376, Consul of Rome
Смрт: 395
(ca. 310–395) was a Latin poet and rhetorician, born at Burdigala (Bordeaux).
82/4 <6+?> Julia Amelia (Dryadius) [Beaton]
93/4 <6+?> Avitianus (Vettianus) Ausonius (The Physician) [Beaton]


101/5 <9+?+?> Caius Vettius Aquilinus (The Elder) [Beaton]
Рођење: Gaul
Професија : Gaul, Physician
The name Beaton or Betton indicates an occupation rather than a proper name. Beaton was a surgeon in the service of the local Roman Legions in Rheims. Proper name is not know but clues may be found if the Roman Legion records for this area can be located. Possibly responsible for the introduction of uisge-beatha (Aquaeus Ethanol) in treatment of the injured.
112/5 <7+?> Ausonius Hesperius ? (Ausona) [?]
123/5 <7+?> Sabina Hesperia ? (Ausonia, Ausona) [?]


141/6 <12+1> Pellius Paulinus (Pellas, Thalassus) [Taliesus]
Рођење: 376, Hadria, Africa
Шаблон:Place name error

Contemporary of Athulf and Placida,

Wrote extensively about the Gothic invasion.
132/6 <10> Caius Vettius Aquilinus Juvenicus (Textatus) [Beaton]
153/6 <11> Ausonia ? (of Bordeaux) [?]


171/7 <14> Helena Thalassia [Taliesus]
Рођење: ~ 396
182/7 <15+?> Flavius Zelopius Syagrius [Gens Syagria]
Титуле : Bishop of Arles
Смрт: 449

The bishop of Arles, who died in 449, was named Hilary of Arles (Saint Hilary of Arles, also known by his Latin name Hilarius)

193/7 <13+?> w Rusticus Aquilinus (Saint Rusticus) [Beaton]
Рођење: 455
Смрт: 25 април 501
164/7 <13+?> w Rusticus Sidonius [Beaton]


251/8 <18+?> Flavius Hilarius Syagrius [Gens Syagria]
Титуле : 457, Governor of Gaul
202/8 <17+?> Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard) [Liething]
Рођење: ~ 460
Професија : Prince Lombard
Титуле : Brittany, Emyr Llydaw
Свадба: Gwyar v. Anlawdd (Lanzelot)
Титуле : Duke of Friuli
Named in the Origo Gentis Langobardorum as brother of Tato
243/8 <16+2> Artemia Rustica [Beaton]
Смрт: ~ 505
214/8 <16+2> Parovius de Reims [Beaton]
Рођење: ~ 510
Титуле : noble de Reims
Свадба: <3> ? de Thuringe [Thuringe] b. ~ 515
Смрт: (Oui)
225/8 <17+?> Tato (Theodo) de Lombard (Thalassas) [Liething]
Други догађај: Lething of Lombard
Свадба: <4> Basine de Lombard [Lombard] b. ~ 425
Смрт: 510
Шаблон:Needsources First of the Lombard kings to be attested by a source other than Lombardic tradition.
236/8 <17+?> Ausonius (Owen) ? (Thalassus, Taliesin) [?]