Rusticus Sidonius - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> w Rusticus Sidonius [Beaton]


31/2 <1+1> Artemia Rustica [Beaton]
Смрт: ~ 505
22/2 <1+1> Parovius de Reims [Beaton]
Рођење: ~ 510
Титуле : noble de Reims
Свадба: <2> ? de Thuringe [Thuringe] b. ~ 515
Смрт: (Oui)


41/3 <3+?> Artnémia [?]
Рођење: ~ 505
Свадба: <3> Mundéric ? (de Cologne) [Merovingian] d. 532
Смрт: (Oui)

Шаблон:Link-type:Make-believe -> No sources give the name of the Mundéric's wife but some theory based on onosmastic give her for parents Florentin (Senator?) and Bishop of Genève and his wife Artémie Шаблон:Controversial

52/3 <2+2> Betton (Beaton) de Reims [Beaton]
Рођење: ~ 535
Титуле : noble d'Orléans
Свадба: <4> Austregilde Aiga D'Orléans [Orléans] b. ~ 540
Смрт: (Oui)
The name Beaton or Betton indicates an occupation rather than a proper name. Beaton was a surgeon in the service of the local Roman Legions in Rheims. Proper name is not know but clues may be found if the Roman Legion records for this area can be located.