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11/1 Dermott MacDunhall (of Ossory) [Ossory]


21/2 <1> Cearbhall McDermott [Ossry]
Рођење: Ossory Ireland
Смрт: 888


31/3 <2+?> Raverta MacCearbhall [Ossry]


41/4 <3+?> Thyrid Eyridsdotter [Eastman]


61/5 <4+?> w Olave Thorsteinsson (Feilan) [MacGregor]
Рођење: 890
Смрт: 940
52/5 <4+?> Gora Thorsteinsdotter [MacGregor]
Свадба: <1> Duncan of Strathearn [?] b. 890 d. 937


71/6 <5+1> Duncan of Dunkeld [Dunkeld]
Рођење: 915проц
Смрт: 965, Duncrub
Шаблон:Place name error


Hereditary Abthane of Dule and lay abbot of Dunkeld. Governor of Strathclyde. Resided at the fort of Eryvine


81/7 <7> Duncan of Dunkeld [Dunkeld]
Рођење: 940проц, Atholl, Perth, Scotland
Смрт: 990, Perthshire
Mormaer of Athole, Abthane of Dule
92/7 <7> Garliola Dungadsdotter [Dunkeld]


101/8 <8+?> Crinan Grimus van Dunkeld [Dunkeld]
Рођење: ~ 975, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Смрт: ~ 1045, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland
*voogd van Dunkeld, ook actief in het bestuur van het klooster. Abthane van Dule, steward van de Western Isles, mormaer van Atholl
  • 1045 gesneuveld in de verdediging van de belangen van zijn kleinzoon, tegen MacBeth
Crinan was the hereditary lay-abbot of Dunkeld and Seneschal of the Isles
112/8 <9+?> Hlodver Wiffin Thorfinnsson (of Orkney) [Regenwald]
Рођење: Orkney Islands, Scotland
Смрт: 980