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11/1 <?+?> Simon Le Goz (de St.Sauveur) [Le Goz]
Рођење: St Saveur, Gascony
Шаблон:Place name error

Шаблон:Needsources*About : LeGoz There's NEVER any capital letter after the first letter in french, in any word, in any name, in any area, or in any period.

  • About that ridiculous "Saint Saveur" : Saint Sauveur (Holy savior) could be possible. As usual, no source : impossible to help that user


21/2 <1+?> Adam FitzSymon [Simmons]
Смрт: 1118


31/3 <2> Simon FitzAdam (Simmons) [Simmons]


41/4 <3> Richard FitzSimon (Simmons) [Simmons]
Смрт: 1166


51/5 <4+?> Simon FitzRichard (Simmons) [Simmons]
Рођење: Hatfield (Hertfordshire), England


61/6 <5+?> William FitzSimon [Simmons]


71/7 <6> Adam FitzWilliam (Simmons) [Simmons]


81/8 <7+?> Simon FitzAdam (Simmons) [Simmons]
Смрт: 1266
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