Budle (Bodillon) Sigvardsson - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?> Budle (Bodillon) Sigvardsson [Jute]


21/2 <1> Brynhild (Ernamor) ? (Skoldmo, Herskar) [?]
Шаблон:NeedsourcesIn myth, the "Fire Maiden", a VALKYRIE punished by Odin.

It is a common misconception that this Brynhild was the mother of Aslaug wife of Ragnar Ring. This could not be possible since more than 400 years passed between this Brynhild and the Aslaug that married Ragnar.

This Brynhild was the step daughter of Rig Heimdall and the half sister of Attila the Hun.


61/3 <2+1> Зигмунд Вельсинг (Фольсунг, Нибелунг) [Вельсинги]
Рођење: ~ 460
32/3 <2> Newnandokht (Erna) ? (Hersir) [?]
The name Erna means "Eagle" and Hersir was a the name of a local tribe employed as Federati by the ancient Romans to help guard the borderlands of the empire. The name Hersir means Harrier/Warrior.
43/3 <2+1> Asla Sigurdsdotter (Volsung) [Waelsing]
54/3 <2> Hogne ? (Federatus) [Gepidus]


71/4 <4+?> Sigvard Ormondsson [House of Ormond]
82/4 <4+?> Budle Ormundsson [House of Ormond]
93/4 <4+?> Auda Ormundsdotter [House of Ormond]
104/4 <5> Sigrun Hognesdotter [Valenti]


111/5 <7> Jormenrik Sigvardsson [House of Ormond]


121/6 <11> Broder Jarmenrikeson [House of Ormond]


131/7 <12> Sigvalde Brodersson [House of Ormond]


141/8 <13> Snjo Sigvaldesson [House of Ormond]