Donald MacCathmail - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?> Donald MacCathmail [Loarn]
Титуле : Mormaer of Moray


21/2 <1> Morgan MacDonald (Loarn) [Loarn]
Титуле : Mormaer of Moray


31/3 <2> Donald MacMorgan [Loarn]
Титуле : Mormaer of Moray


41/4 <3> Ruadri MacDonald (of Moray) [Loarn]
Титуле : Mormaer of Moray


51/5 <4+?> Findlaech (Sunila) MacRuaidri (of Moray) [Loarn]
Титуле : Mormaer of Moray
Смрт: 1020
62/5 <4> Maelbrigte Mac Ruadri [Loarn]
73/5 <4> Donald MacRuadri [Loarn]
The only evidence of Donald MacRuadri Loarn uis written as an appendix in the medieval "Book of Deer." "Donald, Ruadri's son, and Malcolm, Culen's son, gave Biffie to God and to Drostan." What this means is that Donald MacRuadri and Malcolm MacCullen gave title to land to the Abbey of Deer. This incident is referred to in Burke's Guide to the Royal Family, where the author notes "Malcolm, co-benefactor with Donald MacRuadri of Moray of the Abbey of Deer ca [around] 1000."


91/6 <6> Malcolm MacMaelbrigte [Loarn]
Смрт: 1029
82/6 <6> Gillecomgain mac maelbrigte [Loarn]


101/7 <8+?> w Lulach MacGilllecomgain [Loarn]
Рођење: 1032
Титуле : King of Scotland
Смрт: 17 март 1057, Scotland, Essie, Strathbogie


111/8 <10+?> Grouch MacLulach [Loarn]
122/8 <10> Máel Snechtai [?]