Malcolm Macbeth (Mackbeth) d. 23 октобар 1168 - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> Malcolm Macbeth (Mackbeth) [Macbeth]
Титуле : изм 1157 и 1168, Earl of Ross
Смрт: 23 октобар 1168

In c. 1130, both Malcolm MacHeth (MacEth) and Earl Angus rebelled against King DavidШаблон:Ref! I when he imposed new feudal laws upon the Moraymen's pre-existing ancient kingdom. In the rebellion that followed, Earl Angus was defeatedШаблон:Ref! and slain but Malcolm MacHeth (MacEth) escaped to the isles where he was protected by Somerled, Lord of the Isles. There, Malcolm MacHeth (MacEth), married Lord Somerled's sister, who gave birth to Donald and Gormiath (Blue eyes) MacHeth (MacEth), c. 1130. While scholars believe that Gormiath MacHeth (MacEth) married Harold Maddadarson, Norse Earl of Orkney and Caithness.

The Mackaymen's rebellion continued without interruption from c. 1130 to c. 1134, until Malcolm MacHeth (MacEth) was captured and imprisioned by King David IШаблон:Ref!, at the Roxburgh Castle. Twenty-two years later, his son, Donald MacHeth (MacEth), was capturedШаблон:Ref! in a similar Mackaymen's rebellion hence imprisoned along with his father at the Roxburgh Castle, c. 1156. One year later, Malcolm MacHeth (MacEth) was released from the Roxburgh Castle prison by Malcolm IV and given the title of First Earl of Ross, c. 1157.

This title was later rescinded as punishmentШаблон:Ref! due to the Morymen's rebellious disloyalty to King David I. Then, Malcolm IV: (1) banished the ancestors of the Mackay's from their ancestral home, and (2) gave the Mackay's ancient land to Normans and Saxons who were loyal to the Crown. Here, the Mackay's men, women, and children fled north, while others escaped into Argyll, Islay, and Galloway. Note, according to Scots Peerage c. 1910, the first of the MacEths to settle in the Strathnaver region was Iye MacEth, Chamberlain to Walter de Baltrodi, Bishop of Caithness. This Iye (Aodh) Walter de Baltrodi produced a daughter, Conchar.


31/2 <1+?> Angus Macrory (MacKay) [MacRoy]
Рођење: 1145, Morven, Scotland
Смрт: 1210, Bute, Strathclyde, Scotland
22/2 <1+?> Gormflaeth MacEth [Macbeth]
Source: Garland Elizabeth Corse DeCourcy's database HenryEckardsAncestry2803654.ged
Date of Import: Apr 21, 2005
43/2 <1+?> Donald MacHeth [Macbeth]


51/3 <3> Seamus (James) Macrory [MacRoy]
Рођење: 1190, Bute, Scotland
Смрт: 1210, Bute, Men Skye, Strathclyde, Scotland
62/3 <4> Kenneth MacEth [Macbeth]
Смрт: 1215
73/3 <2+1> Thorfinn Haraldsson (Maddadsson, Macmaddad) [Madison]
84/3 <2+1> David Haroldsson (Maddadsson, Macmaddad) [Madison]
95/3 <2+1> John Haraldsson (maddadsson, macmaddad) [Madison]
106/3 <2+1> Gunnhild Haraldsdotter (Macmaddad) [Madison]
117/3 <2+1> Herberg Haraldsdotter (Macmaddad) [Madison]
128/3 <2+1> Ψ Langleiv ? (Langley) [Madison]


131/4 <5+?> Jean Macroy (Mackay, MacRay, MaCray) [MacRoy]
Рођење: < 1218, Rothesay (Bute), Scotland
Свадба: <2> Maurice McRaith (Dalcassian, DalgCais) [MacRath]
Смрт: 1250, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Scotland


151/5 <13+2> Jean (Giolla) MacRaeth [Macrorie]
Рођење: 1224, Le Palais, Bretagne, Bruté
Свадба: <3> w Александр Стюарт [Стюарты] b. ~ 1220 d. 1282
Смрт: 1250, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Schottland, Dundonald Castle
142/5 <13+2> Alister MacRaeth [MacRath]


161/6 <15+3> w James Stewart (5. High Steward of Scotland) [Stewart]
Рођење: 1243, Renfrew, Schottland
Титуле : од 1283, High Steward of Scotland
Свадба: <4> Edgina de Burgh [Burgh] b. 1245
Смрт: 16 јул 1309
172/6 <14> Maurice MacRath [MacRath]
Рођење: 1280, Ulster, Ireland
Одсељавање: 1310, It is likely that Maurice arrived in Scotland around the year 1310 at about the age of 30.
Смрт: 1350, Cromarty, Cromartyshire, Scotland
193/6 <15+3> Elizabeth Stewart [Stewart]
Број брака: 1-я жена Уильяма
Свадба: <5> (Sir) William Le Hardi (Lord Douglas) [Douglas] b. < 1256 d. 9 новембар 1298
Смрт: 1289
184/6 <15+3> (Sir) John Stewart (de Bonkyl) [Stuart]
Смрт: 1298, Falkirk, Scotland


231/7 <18+?> Seamas Stuart [Stuart]
Рођење: 1276, Bonkyl
Смрт: 19 јул 1333
252/7 <19+5> James "The Good" Douglas [Douglas]
Рођење: 1286, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Schottland
Титуле : Sir
Смрт: <20 април 1323, Lothian, Schottland
203/7 <16+4> Walter Stewart [Stewart]
Рођење: ~ 1296, Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire, Schottland
Титуле : од 1309, 6th High Steward of Scotland
Свадба: <6> Марджори Брюс [Брюсы] b. децембар 1296 d. 2 март 1316
Смрт: 9 април 1327, Bathgate, Schottland
214/7 <17> John McRath [MacRath]
Рођење: 1300, Scotland
Смрт: 1370, Scotland
245/7 <18+?> Alexander Stewart (of Bonkyl) [Stewart]
Смрт: 1319
226/7 <18+?> (Sir) Alan Stewart (of Dreghorn) [Stewart]
Смрт: 1333, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Battle of Halidon Hill


261/8 <20+6> Robert II von Schottland [Stewart]
Рођење: 2 март 1315, Paisley Renfrewshire
Свадба: <7> Elizabeth Mure [More] b. 1312 d. 1355
Свадба: <8> Eufemia O'Beolan de Ross [Ross] b. 1322 d. 1387
Титуле : 22 фебруар 1371, Schottland, regent
Смрт: 19 април 1390, Dundonald, South Ayrshire, Schottland
272/8 <21+?> Christopher MacRae [MacRae]
Рођење: 1325, Scotland
Смрт: 1400, Scotland
303/8 <25> Archibald "the Grim" Douglas (3. Earl of Douglas) [Douglas]
Рођење: ~ 1325
Титуле : 3rd Earl of Douglas
Свадба: <9> Joan Moray [Moray] b. ~ 1339 d. август 1409проц
Смрт: 24 децембар 1400, Threave Castle, Threave, Galloway, Schottland
284/8 <22> (Sir) Alexander Stewart (Darneley) [Stewart]
295/8 <24> Isabella Stewart (of Bonkyl) [Stewart]