Зигурд Зигмундсон Вельсинг - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> Зигурд Зигмундсон Вельсинг [Вельсинги]
Свадба: <1> Brynhild (Ernamor) ? (Skoldmo, Herskar) [?]
Смрт: Killed King Regin Dracos de Rosomani
Killed King Regin Dracos de Rosomani

There are many Nordic Sagas that tell of this event albeit in a stylized fantasy version. The various sagas differ in some details but with careful attention to detail and comparison with other contemporary records it is possible to place Sigurd in a Historical context. Sigurd was a contemporary of Atila the Hun and Odacre married Ildrun, Sigurd's widow, after the events that made Sigurd famous had played themselves to his end.

More research is needed on Sigurd's origins but my records seem to indicate that he may have been was a half blood prince of the continental branch of the Ulving (Wolfson) tribe that affiliated themselves with Rome and migrated from Saxony to France in the 4th century AD. The Surname Volsung echoes the tribal etymology Volf. On the other hand the name could also be a reference to the river Volga and would indicate at dynastic tie to the ruling chieftains of the Rosomani tribe. The actors in this historical event interact with both parties and therefore making a definitive claim about Sigurd's origins at this time would be premature until more data is available.

In the sagas, all the poets agree that Sigurd killed a dragon that guarded a terrible treasure...unimaginable riches, power, and the ability to understand hidden languages. In reality the struggle was one of intertribal conflict between the various germanic tribes allied with Rome against their fellow barbarians. And the slaying of the Dragon was not much more than a strike at the Dragon guards of Rome. The truth of the story can be discerned by identifying each of the players.

  • Regin (Fafner) - A prince of the Federated Tribe of Rosomani originating in the Baltic area, but pushed by circumstances into a position nearer to Rome.
Basically the story of Sigurd slaying the Dragon is a metaphor for the fall of Rome and deposition of Romulus Augustulus in 475.


31/2 <1+1> Зигмунд Вельсинг (Фольсунг, Нибелунг) [Вельсинги]
Рођење: ~ 460
22/2 <1+1> Asla Sigurdsdotter (Volsung) [Waelsing]


41/3 <2+?> Sigvard Ormondsson [House of Ormond]
52/3 <2+?> Budle Ormundsson [House of Ormond]
63/3 <2+?> Auda Ormundsdotter [House of Ormond]


71/4 <4> Jormenrik Sigvardsson [House of Ormond]


81/5 <7> Broder Jarmenrikeson [House of Ormond]


91/6 <8> Sigvalde Brodersson [House of Ormond]


101/7 <9> Snjo Sigvaldesson [House of Ormond]


111/8 <10> Bjorn Snjosson [House of Ormond]