Meurig Llwyd ap Meurig (Nannau) - Индекс потомака

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11/1 <?+?> Meurig Llwyd ap Meurig (Nannau) [Nannau]
Рођење: Merioneth Wales


21/2 <1+?> Hywel Sele ap Meurig (Nannau) [Nannau]
Рођење: 1402


31/3 <2+?> Meurig Fychan ap Hywel (Nannau) [Nannau]
Рођење: 1419
Смрт: 1461


41/4 <3+?> Dafydd ap Meurig (Nannau) [Nannau]
Рођење: < 1440
Смрт: 1461


51/5 <4+?> Hywel ap Dafydd (Nannau) [Nannau]
Смрт: 1540


61/6 <5+?> Grufydd Wyn ap Howell (Nannau) [Nannau]
Рођење: 1500


71/7 <6+?> Huw Hen Nannau (Nanney) [Nannau]
Рођење: 1530
Свадба: <1> Annes Vaughan (Fychan) [Vaughan] b. 1548 d. 1627
Смрт: 4 мај 1603


81/8 <7+1> Gryffith Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 11 јун 1568, Dongelley, Merionethshire, Wales
Други догађај: Lord Nannau
Смрт: 1609, Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales
92/8 <7+1> Robert Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 1573, Merionethshire, Wales
Смрт: > 1614, London, England
Robert was a younger son of Lord Nanney and had no prospects of inheritance of land or title. Like most minor sons of great lords, Robert was put to apprentice as a Silver Smith in London while his Father served in parliament in the House of Lords. His son (also named Robert) followed in this father's footsteps, and with a journeyman status as a silversmith, Robert the younger migrated to the American Colonies, where he married Katherine Wheelwright, the daughter of John Wheelwright [Wheelwright] b. 1592 d. 15 November 1679, and Mary Hutchinson [Hutchinson] b. 1605 d. 1643.