Samuel Nanney b. 27 август 1659 d. <10 мај 1690 - Индекс потомака

Из пројекта Родовид

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11/1 <?+?> Samuel Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 27 август 1659, Boston (Massachusetts), United States
Смрт: <10 мај 1690, Bermuda
An inventory of Samuel's possessions on this date after his death is in the Bermuda Archives. He died intestate. His mother died in 1716 with no surviving Nanney children and her only surviving grandchild having relocated to the East Indies, his welfare unknown.

The surnames Nanah and Jenour are both listed among the residents of the Franco Dutch "Pirate Colonies" located in the Bai d'Estaing Madagascar / Ile d'Sancte Marie between 1670 and 1699. Samuel's death inventory indicates that he died in or prior to 1969 in Bermuda, this is the same year that several of the Pirates associated with the same Madagascar colony (sailed with or aided and abetted Thomas Tew, and Henry Jones in defrauding the legal owners of the venture ship "Amity" by offloading cargo in parts unknown prior to arrival in Bermuda).

Other names in this database associated with the events mentioned in this note include Arthur Jones, Thomas Henry Every, Francois Maximilian Mission. There is some evidence to suggest that the story of this colony as recorded by Daniel Defoe (alias Captain Johnson) had basis in truth as he was himself relative to the Events, as his Grandfather Daniel DeFore was related to the family of Francois Mission both being in turn related to the family Delaforce (De La Fougere).

Bermudian records state: "Copy of inventory, taken by Daniel Johnson (Defoe) and Leonard White, of goods left by Samuel Nanny deceased with Mrs. Susanna Jenour, widow. Latter appeared May 10,1690 before Gov. Robert Robinson. Witnesses: Tho[mas] Bur[ton], Zachariah Briggs RG 1001/1-A p. 333-334”".


21/2 <1+?> (John) Samuel Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 1685, Bermuda
Место становања : Virginia


31/3 <2+?> John (Wyatt) Nanney (Senior) [Nannau]
Рођење: 1710
Смрт: < јул 1789, Brunswick County (Virginia)


71/4 <3+?> Ψ achiepeJoilla achiepeJoilla (sugsNeods) [Nanney]
Рођење: ~ јануар
82/4 <3+?> Uriah Howard Nanney [Nanney]
Рођење: ~ 1745, Virginia
Смрт: ~ 1831, Allen County (Kentucky), Kentucky
43/4 <3+?> John Wyatt Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 1746, Virginia
Смрт: 1804
94/4 <3+?> William E Nanney [Nanney]
Рођење: ~ 1747, Virginia
Смрт: 12 март 1798, Mecklenburg County (Virginia)
105/4 <3+?> Amos Nanney [Nanney]
Рођење: ~ 1760, Virginia
Смрт: ~ 1802
56/4 <3+?> Elizabeth [Nanney]
67/4 <3+?> Frances Nanney [Nanney]


111/5 <4+?> Drury Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: 1763, Brunswick County (Virginia)


121/6 <11+?> Middy Nanney [Nannau]
Рођење: Brunswick County (Virginia)


131/7 <12+?> Elizabeth Whitby (Whitley) [Whitby]
Рођење: 1822, Ross (Ohio)
Смрт: < 1841


141/8 <13+?> Amanda Melvina Williams [Williams]
Рођење: 12 септембар 1838, West Virginia
Смрт: Childress (Texas)