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Цело име (рођено) Horca

Teteny (Tuhutum) [?]



915 Рођење једног детета: Siebenbürgen, Ungarn, Gyula [?] b. 915


And while they tarried there some while, Tuhutum father of Horca, as he was a shrewd man, when he learned from the inhabitants of the goodness of the land of Transylvania, where Gelou, a certain Vlach, held sway, strove through the grace of Duke Árpád, his lord, to acquire the land of Transylvania for himself and his posterity. This was later so done, for the posterity of Tuhutum up to the time of the holy King Stephen held the land of Transylvania and would have held it longer, had the younger Gyula with his two sons, Bolya and Bonyha, wished to be Christians and not always opposed the holy king, as will be said in the following. As he was in flight, hastening to his castle beside the Szamos River, Tuhutum’s warriors, boldly pursuing Duke Gelou, slew him beside the Kapus River. Then the inhabitants of the land, seeing the death of their lord, giving the right hand of their own free will chose to themselves as lord Tuhutum, father of Horca, and in that place, which is called Esculeu, they confirmed their troth with an oath and from that day the place is called Esculeu, because they swore there. Tuhutum possessed that land peacefully and happily from that day, but his posterity possessed it only up to the times of the holy King Stephen. Tuhutum begat Horca, Horca begat Geula and Zubor, Geula begat two daughters, of whom one was called Caroldu and the other Saroltu, and Sarolt was the mother of the holy King Stephen. Zumbor begat the younger Geula, father of Bua and Bucna, during whose time the holy King Stephen subjugated to himself the land of Transylvania and led Geula in fetters to Hungary and held him imprisoned for all the days of his life because he was false in faith and refused to be a Christian and did many things against the holy King Stephen, even though he was of the line of his mother.


  1. Gesta Ungarorum -

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== 2 ==
== 2 ==
Рођење: 915, Siebenbürgen, Ungarn
Титуле : князь Siebenbürgen
Место становања : Apulum, Dacia, Gyulafehérvár
Крштење: 950
Геза Угорський Арпадович
Рођење: ~ 940
Титуле : од 970, правитель Венгрии
Хришчанство крштење: 973
Свадба: w Шаролта
Свадба: Аделаида Пястович
Смрт: 1 фебруар 997
Рођење: ~ 950, Siebenbürgen, Ungarn
Свадба: Геза Угорський Арпадович
Смрт: > 997

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