Cerdic ? ("The Great", of Wessex) d. ~ 534

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Cerdicing
Пол мушки
Цело име (рођено) Cerdic ?
Друга презимена "The Great", of Wessex
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Рођење једног детета: w Cynric of Wessex [Cerdicing] d. ~ 560

Свадба: Элеса [-]

495 Досељавање: Hampshire (England)

од 519 Титуле : King of Wessex

~ 534 Смрт:


Шаблон:Ancestry hypothesis

Everyone knowsШаблон:Ref! that the genealogy of Alfred the Great is spurious past a certain point. This becomes evidentШаблон:Ref! when he has generations of people who lived in the sixth century preceed those who can be reliably traced to the fourth. At which point does Asher's genealogy become unreliable... ManyШаблон:Ref! state that the genealogy of Cerdic cannot be determined yet many of the naming conventions and surviving Roman military records of the sixth century give hints as to his origin in the RomanoBritish families of Wales and Cornwall.


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== 1 ==
Титуле : Вождь Саксов
Свадба: Cerdic ? ("The Great", of Wessex)
Cerdic ? ("The Great", of Wessex)
Свадба: Элеса
Досељавање: 495, Hampshire (England)
Титуле : од 519, King of Wessex
Смрт: ~ 534
== 1 ==
Cynric of Wessex
Титуле : од 534, King of Wessex
Смрт: ~ 560
Ceawlin of Wessex
Титуле : од 560, King of Wessex
Смрт: 593

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