William Stewart b. ~ 1396 d. 1478

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Рођени род Stewart
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Цело име (рођено) William Stewart


~ 1396 Рођење:

~ 1421 Рођење једног детета: Thomas Stuart of Minto [Stuart] b. ~ 1421 d. 1500

1478 Смрт:


Sir William Stewart was ancestor to the Earl of Galloway. He was a favorite knight of King James II and was knighted by King James III about 1443. Sir William was a member of parliament as a feudal baron in 1467. After much opposition from other relatives of Sir John Turnbull, William obtained, in 1429, possession of the lands of Minto in right of his grandfather Sir William Stewart, Knight Banneret. From a charter of the lands of Glasserton in possession of descendants of the Earl of Galloway, it appears that Sir William was alive on 31 October 1479. He was married more than once. His last wife was Euphame Graham, supposedly of the Menteith family. She survived him as late as 1493 when she shows up in the records of parliament as purser in a civil cause against Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies, knight.

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== 1 ==
William Stewart
Рођење: ~ 1396
Смрт: 1478
== 1 ==
Thomas Stuart of Minto
Рођење: ~ 1421
Смрт: 1500
John Stewart of Minto
Рођење: 1483, Minto (Scottish Borders), Roxburghshire, Scotland
Смрт: 9 септембар 1513, Branxton (Northumberland), Battle of Flodden [[Category:Battle of Flodden|{{clanname:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]

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