John Stewart of Minto b. 1483 d. 9 септембар 1513

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Рођени род Stewart
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Цело име (рођено) John Stewart of Minto

Thomas Stuart of Minto [Stuart] b. ~ 1421 d. 1500

Isabel Stewart [Stewart]


1483 Рођење: Minto (Scottish Borders), Roxburghshire, Scotland

Рођење једног детета: Robert Stewart of Minto [Stewart] d. новембар 1553

9 септембар 1513 Смрт: Branxton (Northumberland), Battle of Flodden


Sir John, the eldest son, styled of Minto, married Janet Fleming, of Lord Fleming’s family, by whom he had a son, named Robert. Sir John had a charter to himself and Janet his wife, of the barony of Minto and lands of Busby, which had belonged to his father, 23d February, 1502-3. He was killed at the battle of Flodden, 9th September, 1513.

In that disastrous year when King James the Fourth was mustering his Forces for the march to Flodden, Sir John Stewart, Magistrate of Glasgow and he was one among the many Scotsmen of rank who assembled at the call of their Sovereign to sacrifice their lives in his defence upon that bloody Field. This was a period of dread anxiety to the Inhabitants whose minds were kept in a state of painful agitation between the moment when crowding rumours of evil began to be circulated and that in which their worst fears were confirmed. As occurred in Edinburgh at the time Glasgow was then deserted we may believe by almost all of the Laity who were capable of bearing Arms and among such of the Civic Authorities as remained it was no doubt a matter of great difficulty to restore the quiet of the City where all was in a state of confusion and when amongst other symptoms of calamity the women might as elsewhere be seen lamenting in the Streets for the loss of the husbands and fathers who were rumoured to have fallen with their Provost in the Fight. His body appears to have been recovered and brought to Glasgow his name being on the list as one of the race of Minto who have their place of Burial within the Nave of our Cathedral

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== 3 ==
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John Stewart of Minto
Рођење: 1483, Minto (Scottish Borders), Roxburghshire, Scotland
Смрт: 9 септембар 1513, Branxton (Northumberland), Battle of Flodden [[Category:Battle of Flodden|{{clanname:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]
== 3 ==
Robert Stewart of Minto
Смрт: новембар 1553
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Смрт: ~ 1583

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