? (Lady of the Tihanama)

Из пројекта Родовид

Рођени род Tihanama
Пол женски
Цело име (рођено) ?
Друга презимена Lady of the Tihanama


Рођење: Newfoundland, Canada

Рођење једног детета: Wanchese [Tihanama]

Рођење једног детета: Francesca Tainahmah (Damerei) [Muston]

Рођење једног детета: Wingina [Tihanama]

Рођење једног детета: Francis of Muston (Churchill) [Muston]

1545 Рођење једног детета: Virginia, Cinquoateck - , w Opechancanough Mangopeesomon (Don Luis de Velasco) [Tihanama] b. 1545 d. 5 октобар 1645

1547 Рођење једног детета: Tsenacommacah, Virginia, Powhatan Tainahmah [Tihanama] b. 1547 d. 1618



The oral ritual language of the tidewater tribes was often accompanied by a system of hand gestures that were universally understood by the bulk of the coastal native tribes. The Tainamah tribe often served as ambassadors and intermediaries between the local tribes. A Tainamah priest and his family would often intermarry and become integral members of various local tribes in order to unify the tribes and prevent or minimize the outbreaks of hostilities between the various populations.

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== 1 ==
Francisco ? (de Chicora)
Рођење: ~ 1510
Место становања : South Carolina, Peedee River
Физички опис: Described as white, larger than the average Spaniard, and dressed in animal skins.
Вера : Pressed into servitude for Ayllon, he was forcably baptized Catholic and his name recorded as Francisco de Chicora, he learned Spanish and worked for Ayllón
? (Lady of the Tihanama)
Рођење: Newfoundland, Canada
== 1 ==
Powhatan Tainahmah
Рођење: 1547, Tsenacommacah, Virginia
Смрт: 1618, Tsenacommacah, Virginia
Francis of Muston (Churchill)
Место становања : France
Opechancanough Mangopeesomon (Don Luis de Velasco)
Рођење: 1545, Virginia, Cinquoateck -
Други догађај: 1560, Taken by the Spanish to Mexico
Место становања : 1569, Havana (Cuba), In August 1570, Father Segura, Father Luis de Quiros, former head of the Jesuit college among the Moors in Spain, and six Jesuit brothers set forth from their base in Havana to establish their new mission in Ajacan. A young boy, Alonso Olmos, called Alonc
Место становања : 1570, Ajacan, Virginia
Смрт: 5 октобар 1645, Jamestown (Virginia)
Pocahontas Powhatan (Mataoaka)
Рођење: 1595
Смрт: 1616, Gravesend (Kent), England
Virginia Metis
Рођење: England
Carew Raleigh
Рођење: 1605, London, England, Tower of London
Завршетак школства: Oxford (England), Wadham College, Oxford
Свадба: Philippa Sheldon
Место становања : 1612, Colony of Virginia
Професија : 1649, Parliament - Member for Haslemere
Професија : 1660, Jersey, Channel Islands, Governor of Jersey
Смрт: 1666, London, England, St Martin's Lane
Сахрана: Westminster (England), Raleigh Crypt, St Margaret's Church
Nicholas Damerai Raleigh
Рођење: 29 јун 1591, England, Miles End, Enfield, London
Крштење: Godfather: Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh
Смрт: октобар 1591, 5 Months Old
Сахрана: Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church
Walter Raleigh
Рођење: 1593
Смрт: 1616, Guiana, South America
Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh (Rawley Winganditioan)
Рођење: 1570
Одсељавање: 1584, England, To England, Aboard the Ship Tyger captained by Sir Richard Grenville
Крштење: 1588, Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church, Christian Baptism
Смрт: 2 април 1589
Сахрана: Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church
(Captain) Robert Moston (Muston) (Churchill)
Други догађај: 27 март 1622, Virginia Colony, Esquiemichan (Esmyshichan) Plantation, near Pawmunkey Settlement, Supply Voyage for private plantation via Pawmunkey Village
Raleigh Crowshaw
Рођење: 1570, Crawshawbooth, Lancashire (England)
Крштење: Gravesend (Kent), England
Charles Rawlie
Рођење: < 1585
Место становања : Guyana
Крштење: 13 фебруар 1597, St Luke's Parish, Chelsea

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